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Airline passengers have no fear; flight attendents will save you from hijackers

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posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 08:00 PM
Im reassured knowing, and I know you are to, that the next time hijackers try to take over an airplane, we passangers dont have anything to fear.

The flight attendents are trained for many emergency situations and will be calm but in charge in case something terrible happens.

That female flight attendent may look like a smiling bimbo but just trust me, if a terrorist even think about trying to charge the cokpit, she and her coworkers will change into kill mode and make those awful terrorists wish they were born as Jews.

That lisping male flight steward may come across as a..., well, you know........., but cross him with a razor blade or shoe bomb and he will take you out with his bare hands in 3 seconds flat.

They truly are amazing at what they do.

When I sit on a plane, I can relax with the assurance that my life is safely in their emergency trained hands.

If a terrorist or 4 of them ever jump up on a plane I am on, I can just relax. We all can. The flight attendents will destroy them!

Before I take my confidence further, would anyone like to respond?

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 10:34 AM
What exactly is your point? Other than to insult flight attendants.

I used to be a flight attendant. I'm not a smiling bimbo, nor did I ever look like a bimbo. Excuse me, my IQ is somewhere in the genius range. They don't hire dummies to do that kind of work. Every year, we were required to spend an entire day drilling for emergencies such as hijackings, disasters, etc. We learned how to evacuate an entire jumbo jet in under 90 seconds, with only a few flight attendants. And not all male flight attendants are gay, in fact alot of them aren't. Besides which, so what if they are? What difference does it make when your life is in danger? We were trained in CPR and emergency first aid. I knew a number of flight attendants that had saved people's lives when they had a heart attack or some other medical emergency. We were trained in CPR and emergency first aid.

This post is merely a giant insult to the hard working folks who are responsible for saving your miserable butt when your life is threatened.

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 10:48 AM
what he doesnt seem to understand Forest (and, indeed, most of the country seems unable to understand), is that pre-9/11 policy and post-9/11 policy are two completely different things. before 9/11, terrorists hijacked planes to make a statement or to hitch a ride someplace like cuba. flight crews, controllers, and the military were trained to concede to the terrorists demands in order to end the situation as soon and with as little blood as possible. nobody hijacked planes to use them as weapons. times have changed a bit since then, and training for aircrew and controllers has as well....not to mention the military's response to a terrorist incident.

i dont think he was intentionally trying to slam flight attedants Forest, just making a very uninformed statement.

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 11:03 AM
It was the derogatory stereotyping that got me; "bimbo" and "lisping flight attendant". It was the general way it is written that I found insulting. He could have expressed himself in many other ways that weren't insulting to flight attendants. We're there to save people's lives and have been trained for it. We're not bimbos.

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 01:18 PM
Genfinity are you going to tell us what you're actually on about?

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