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My Family UFO Story

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posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 03:25 PM
Hello all,

I'm here to tell my family UFO story. It goes like this...

My mother is originally from Peru and came to the US in the early 1960's to attend college. She comes from a large catholic family of 7 brothers and sisters. My mother's siblings were much older than her (12-24 yrs) when she was born, so many of them are no longer with us... including my aunt Alicia who witnessed the UFO. The story was told to me by my father who also has an interest in the phenomenon. My father learned of the event from my aunt Nelly, who is now in her mid-70's and still visits us every couple of years. Nelly does not speak conversant english so my mother translated the story to my father.

My aunt Alicia (the witness) has long since passed after losing a battle with cancer. I never knew her. The event happened in the 1960's in Chimbote, Peru. My aunt was sitting on the back patio/deck of the residence enjoying the day when she started to get an uneasy feeling. She turned her head to survey the landscape (people in Peru are quite poor and don't have large backyards like we do here in the States so I'm using the word landscape) and to her utter amazement she watched a metallic disc begin to rise up into the air. The disc was "spinning" and only 5-6 feet in diameter. My aunt was neither a marksman nor a rocket scientist (I'm not sure how good she was at visually judging distances) and I'm getting the information third-hand...... but my understanding is the disc was quite close, as in less than 100 ft. Basically the disc rose up and took off. The event shook my aunt up fairly severely as it took her several years, perhaps even a decade before she told anyone.

Here are some of my thoughts regarding my aunt's sighting:

1) I have been to visit Peru and my extended family when I was 3 years old and as recent as 5 years ago. People have less material wealth there and as such they really tend to have strong family values. My family is very close yet my aunt kept her experience a secret for a long time... why?

2) IF my aunt was seeking fame/fortune for her story why not develop a more interesting/elaborate hoax? And why wait so many years before telling anyone?

3) IF the said disc was of Russian or United States etc design.... why send it to Chimbote Peru? To observe an average peruvian female citizen sitting on a deck? Doesn't make sense...

4) Many Peruvians are very catholic and my mom's family is no exception. They go to church every sunday in their best clothing. If my aunt wanted to invent a hoax why not say she saw the Virgin Mary or something? It would make more sense (and probably bring more fame). How/why did she come up with a metal disc?

5) Because of the apparent close proximity of the sighting one should assume that either my aunt is a liar or she saw what she saw. This isn't some distant ball of light in the sky..... it was described as a disc and metallic and very close to her location.

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 11:41 AM
The reality is that many people around the globe exactly like your aunt observed such things. There was no communication between them or financial gain to be had and the accounts came from the "solid citizen" types. I say solid citizen because in 1952 you could hear the stories of all sorts of folks having gone to Mars, Venus and Saturn on their buddys' flying saucers having made hundreds of flight!

If you aunt wanted to make up some wild crap she'd have said she took a trip to Uranus or something. Instead she told the most basic and normal sighting story repeated around the world in those times giving much more credability.

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posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 03:02 PM
I would tend to believe her.

Peru is an interesting place, I have never been there but when I first saw Nasca on the Discovery channel long ago I almost had heart failure for my first thought was they found the directional locator for the different species of life.


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