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Russia's new submarine launched ballastic missile fails.

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 06:46 AM

Originally posted by ape


here is some information on how the US and companies would go about this.

consider this article is from 2 years ago.


" Assess which assets of the nation's power grid and telecommunications infrastructure are most critical to the overall system and Harden those critical assets against EMP"

the US wont get 1upped in this scenario, they are laying fiber because not only is it the future it is not expensive to harden like copper is and has a higher probability of survival in an EMP scenario compared to copper.

correction ,this is imperialism if you are talking in terms of military

look up the term superpower and whats involved to be considered one.

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fiber optic cables are not vulberable to EMP only copper is that is not protected, however what is vulnerable are the switches and controls that use microelectronics in conjunction with the fiber optic cable that need to be protected and hardened which could easily be done.

even i know fiber optic cables are immune to emp because they don't electron current, these use light...
as for hardening of photodiodes and led's or ild's , i heard that only the military communications or infrastructure is being hardened ..

microelectronics in conjunction with the fiber optic cable that need to be protected and hardened which could easily be done

even i know that man , i read a american military report of 1997 which
stated that the coaxial or STP cables could be hardened to bear emp at low cost

look up the term superpower and whats involved to be considered one.

look up the term imperialism and you will know ....
superpower are various types like economic ,military,imperial etc..

USA is called an empire ... did you ever realise why?
Economic imperialism
Many comentators have stressed the close relationship between military expansionism and economic hegemony, arguing that warfare is only undertaken in order to obtain profit. Proponents of this point of view suggest that risky expansionist military adventures are conspicuously absent from American history, and that, far from being a powerful military country, the US has assiduously avoided war unless it was with a wholly insignificant opponent. Instead, the US prefers to wait on the sidelines until both sides have fought themselves to a stalemate, while profiting by selling arms and other essential services. US actions in both World Wars are cited in support of this view, together with the tendency of the US military to make excessive claims for their weapons systems which are not fulfilled in practice.
this was again proven in iran-iraq war
"social-democratic" theory asserts that imperialistic U.S. policies are the products of the excessive influence of certain sectors of U.S. business and government, the arms industry in alliance with military and political bureaucracies and sometimes other industries such as oil and finance, a combination often referred to as the "military-industrial complex". The complex is said to benefit from war profiteering and the looting of natural resources, often at the expense of the public interest. The proposed solution is typically unceasing popular vigilance in order to apply counter-pressure. Left-wing ex-CIA consultant Chalmers Johnson holds a version of this view; other versions are typically held by right-wing anti-interventionists, such as Buchanan, Bacevich, and Raimondo

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 02:54 PM

Originally posted by vK_man
thanks for the praise stellarX

I'd like to think i give it where it's due even if i don't compliment some people enough. Following them around the forum praising their every second post would probably not look good even if they do deserve it.

well, even i agree he dismisses russian strength to some extent and focuses on communism

I can work with 'some extent' if that's all i can get for now.


I have no way of knowing if it's real or not
I have no problem believing such, and it would fit very well with what i have read elsewhere, but i just have no way to prove such a thing yet... Feel free to cure my of my ignorance.

and russians tested their weapon system , many yeaRS in advance like ka-50 was tested in afghanistan under the name v-80 and used to destroy tunnels and it withstood several hits from stinger missiles AND EVEN USE TO SURVIVE STINGER HITS ON THEIR TAILS AND MANAGED TO RETURN TO BASE.... AROUND 50 WERE TESTED ...


The DIA had reports of the USSR using mobile lasers/PBW's in Afghanistan but once again i can't prove that so i try not to talk about it... Once again i have read things far stranger than you propose here but if can't prove it..


usa is the biggest threat because of PNAC primary goal to destroy russia once and for all....
bush is a member of PNAC

I know all about the PNAC( their the same guys who were behind Reagan's military expansion program and SDI ) and their strategic efforts failed long ago hence their current tactical third world invasions and coup staging to try turn a flank from which to launch some secret and conventional weaponry of their own. The PNAC people have been at this for a long time without much success so i am not sure why the Russians should be any more worried now than they were two decades ago.

I just have a hard time taking Krutov's claims about communism and general Russian inferiority seriously but i don't have a problem with his claims about some secret projects that did become operational...


posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 06:27 AM
stellarx , maybe you are right russia is concentrating on the qualitative part, which you have been asserting :

some statements of krutov:
I will try to illustrate such strategy. Imagine our candidate wins on 2004 year Russian elections. Can we create self-sufficient economy with resources we have? Yes. But is it expediently on this stage? No, because we must provide security for our regime from NATO intervention (according to intelligence, the date of NATO invasion of Russia - 2010 year, if disarmament treaties take power - in 2007). How? Building large army? But NATO will react by building more. We will react by building more. And so on - and we will fail and waste precious resources. No, in this way, such expansion is madness. We will better reform our army, MAKE IT SMALLER and focus on anti-aircraft defence and nuclear forces. Can we make self-sufficient nuclear production line by improving our nuclear material enrichment technology (which is, by the way, is still best in the world)? Yes, but time doesn't wait. We'd better take control of ex-Soviet Asian republics (either by economy or by force) which hold our main sources of nuclear materials. Will we expand more? No! We will stop here, develop self-sufficient economy and nuclear industry. We will not increase raw material extraction and even decrease it soon afterwards. But will it mean that we gave up expansion? No, we will prepare ourselves for interplanetary exploration. We CAN survive AND advance without securing He-3 deposits on Luna and hydrogen of Jupiter, Saturn and Solar photosphere, but it WILL be more expedient to use large amounts of thermonuclear fuel while we are perfecting our methods of synthesising anti-matter and anameson. Anti-matter and anameson will be required for reaching distant stars and studying them - it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand physics without making experiments, and since we cannot make artificial stars so far, we must study existing ones.
history and ideology of Krutov:
Technobolshevism is philosophy, founded by me. The man who influenced me is Lazarevich. By the way, he recently called his theory "techno-communism", but even though names look similar, technobolshevism and techno-communism have fundamental differencies. Techno-communism is just modification of classic Marxism. It is idealistic, and based on theory that development of new technologies will make inevitable the construction of communist society. It is illustrated by science-fiction story "NanoTech Network":

I do NOT share this ideology. My theory of technobolshevism was not founded on classic Marxism (even though I use Marx's dialectic materialism method, I also complement them with synergetics and several conclusions made by me after studying superstring theory), but on my research I made when was a hacker.

You probably want to know about this research, so I will explain it here.

During my hacker activities, I was making experiments in artificial intelligence and evolution. My goal was to find some ultimate formula, the way of development of matter. The practical goal of these experiments was to create computer program or, as I have found later, system of programs (distributed network), which can grow, self-improve itself, reach and overcome human level of intellect and creativity. The first task, expansion of memory and raw computation power was solved by invading other computers and use of archivation sequences (they are generated semi-randomly, with competition between variants and accumulation of sub-solutions - as you understand, that is evolution INSIDE the system). But the main task I failed to solve completely - I didn't find formula of structural complexness. Instead, in my theory of Technobolshevism, level of structural complexness is defined by ABILITY TO SOLVE SEQUENCES OF UNPREDICTABLE TASKS. The more complex the system, the more it learns from solving unpredictable tasks.

Imagine you play chess with player, whose moves and way of thinking you know. Will you learn something new after playing with this man? No, because he is predictable. BUT HE WILL! Because for him, YOU are unpredictable object.

All my children have failed to reach the goal. All of their modules were classified as some or other worm virus by anti-virus companies (mostly by Russian "Kasperskiy's Lab") and were destroyed. My knowledge of current operation systems was too low to provide them with sufficient "starting capital". But paradigm was correct, and this is what I wanted to know.

I stopped illegal activities and published my ideas through various Russian IT-related sites, mostly through site of Russian magazine "The Hacker". I tried to recruit some helpers, and started applying results of my research on analyzing human societies and individuals. I failed to find supporters, but have made significant progress in my quest. My conclusion was that imperfect nature of human thinking (which is represented in inability to enter "empty loop") lead to phenomena I called "Naul" - self-increasing inquisitiveness. Naul is always present in human brain and tend to increase more and more after solving unpredictable tasks. I observed this in myself and in other specimen. In fact, Naul IS factor of increase of structural complexness. Using this discovery, I tried to change my style of life to improve my own intelligence. And, hell, it worked!

Each month I make new additions to my theories and inventions. I easily learn new sciences and can operate facts better. However, this style of life have caused damage of neural system (I cannot serve in military because of this), heart problems (recently, in 6th of November, my blood pressure rose so high that I though I was dying), exhaustion of physical abilities (several diseases) and, what is even more important, complete alteration of personality. I am no longer interested in leisure, sex, humor and entertainment. When I make decision to watch new movie, for example, I just try to calculate the amount of ideas I can generate based on this information. And I am reaching limits of my brain. That's why I decided to start another project.

If my intellectual growth is limited by abilities of my brain, I must become part of some system, which is growing just like I grow, drived by Naul. That's why I made Technobolshevism. I want Technobolshevism to be implemented not because I want to become famous, not because I want to make everybody happy, but because I want to advance forward.

"""Is this a movement in Russia?"""

Yes, it is underground movement, called Brotherhood of Techno-Revolutionaries. Our goal is NOT to gain power in Russia - it is IMPOSSIBLE, but to "infect" Russian opposition movement with our ideas. In other words, if communists gain power in Russia, we will make sure they will build Naul-based society. If fascists gain power in Russia, we will make sure they will build it too (though it will be harder, because fascism has many irrational elements).

Currently, I am working on big scientific project in innovation and high-tech investments, based on both theory and my practical knowlededge of Russian technosphere - the project of rebuilding Russia into technological superpower with Naul (eventhough I do NOT mention Naul or evolution theory in this project). I plan to present it to opposition movement. That is my ultimate goal for the next two years.

"""The only thing we don't agree with, which I think you do, is the conquering of other nations. We believe in a "live and let live" policy. The Technate would try to be friends with other nations, and help them when possible. If they want to be left alone, then so be it. If they wish us harm, that is what the military is for."""

I am afraid, that it is not always as simple as you describe it. After destruction of USSR (which, as you probably know, was initiated AGAINST will of Soviet people, represented in referendum), many Soviets were left in republics, that were hostile to Soviet and Russian cultures. Almost a third of population of Baltic states are Soviets of Russian origin, but they do not have any rights and are opressed. Baltic states initiate "show trials" against former Soviet soldiers, who fought against Nazis in Great Patriotic War (Kononov's trial), they defile Soviet monuments, they even forbid Soviets of Russian origin to talk Russian. Do Baltics plant to invade Russian Federation? No. Do they pose threat to security of Russian Federation? No. But they do oppress our brothers, following Neonazi ways (they even build monuments, glorifying Nazi SS soldiers). Baltic States must cease their existance, and Soviets, who live there, must gain freedom.

Such areas like Kazakhstan and Ukraine are not "foreign territory" for Soviets. They are occupated territories of Soviet lands. Not because they are "historically Soviet" - I do not believe in such archaic and irrational categories. But because all those industrial plants, launch pads, laboratories were built by Soviet hands. Now, they are taken from us. They don't even try to repair or upgrade them, they just exploit our technosphere until it is exhausted. Let national minorities have their goverment (and they HAD their republic-level goverments in USSR), that is okay, but they attack our freedom and property. If we leave our creations to them once, they will try to take more.

Now, I predict other question, not related to my research - the use of word "Soviet" as name of one of nations in CIS (Commonwealth of Independant States).

Until Great October Revolution of 1917 (by the way 7th of November I celebrated it, even though I was in bad shape after blood pressure rise), there were many nations in Russian Empire. Even Russian people itself was split on two completely independant cultures: culture of peasants (90% of population, they were illiterate, drunk and religious) and culture of aristocracy and intelligentsia. The formation of Soviet Union, the banishment of religions out of social life, birth of "Soviet Dream" and years of isolation formed completely new civilization, completely different from previous, older ones. It was based on scientific atheism and struggle for reconstruction of the world (both world of people, and material world - so-called "conquest of Nature"). It was civilization, in which thing I call Naul existed as form of OFFICIAL IDEOLOGY. However, old civilizations, like Russian (both branches) and Muslim, still existed in Soviet Union, but were in minority.

You probably heard all those Cold War era talks that Soviet Union was land of blunt factory workers, whose only advantage is numbers. That is myph. The dominating class in Soviet Union were engineers and scientists. Under Stalin, young men from all parts of Soviet Union were given chance to study for free and gain fame and glory (and lots of money too). Old Trotskyist Khrushev didn't like it (by the way, according to modern documents, he was recruited by CIA), he started changes wages, forming system which was so ugly that you will probably don't believe me: THE MORE YOU STUDY, THE LESS YOU RECEIVE!

Profit-based civilizations in such situation will degrade. But Soviet civilization had ideology with Naul element (it wasn't present in classical Marxism, it was brought to world by Lenin and Bolsheviks, that's why I call my theory Technobolshevism). Soviet people were struggling to become engineers and scientists not to gain money, but to gain knowledge, to take challenge. Soon, the most numerous class in Soviet Union were engineers, and amount of scientists were more than in all capitalist countries packed together.

One of reasons why Soviet Union broke up was conflict between Soviet civilization and older civilizations on former Russian territory. Today, many Soviets were assimilated by older civilizations. Why? Because Naul must be fed. Soviet economy was privatised and destroyed, and Soviet engineers and scientists were forced to stop working. They are losing their skills and knowledge, and thus they are losing Naul.

I hope you find these theories interesting.

Now, about terrorism. You must understand, terrorism is rarely about freedom fighting and revenge, it is mostly about BUSINESS. People make money on wars, terrorist acts and nationalism. Even if you isolate yourself, there will always be people who will make political carreer through spreading hatred. You must be able to fight warmongers on their territory.

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posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 07:07 AM
Well, we, Technobolsheviks, have some interesting methods of defeating United States military without starting nuclear war. For example, Kh-101 cruise missiles can be equipped with "Marabu" plasma stealth field generator. We can wipe out land-based ICBMs and destroy communication centers which are used to control American submarines (only long-wave signals can get underwater), and nobody will know what happened. Of course, it is very risky business. So, we can try to create anti-missile defence using our S-400 and CO2 lasers. The third method is patrols of UAVs (probably with "Marabu" generators) with heat-seaking missiles or lasers, which will try to destroy ICBMs on the first stage of flight, when they are quite slow. Well, there are many ways. But that is not our goal, it is just example.

Well, about your question. I do not think Soviet Machine will benefit from destroying United States. But there is still something you forgot. UNITED STATES WILL NEVER TOLERATE COMPETITION. The day we start Civil War, American forces will intervene, helping Federal Forces. If we begin building independant society, America will become hostile towards us. First, there will be blockade. Second, there will be military bases near our borders (by the way, NATO already relocates its forces closer and closer to Russia, guess why?). Third, there will be propaganda war. International TV channels will be talking about "oppression of poor Chechen people", "crimes of Stalinism", "totalitarian regime" and so on.

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