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Spiritual Harrasment at the Hotel del Coronado

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posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 11:57 AM
I am an employee at one of the most overlooked paranormal hot spots in the U.S. Maybe many of you are aware of the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. There are over 1000 employees and many of them have accounts of thier own.

Many wish to share them, many don't. Mine are not isolated incidents, I was seriously "spooked" and was considering counseling, but believe it or not there is an "unspoken" ,"support group" of employees that meet regularly to discuss these things. Nowadays, I consider it comical almost...But anyways, here'goes....

I first started over summer working as a "cabana-boy", getting towels and drinks for the guests at the pool. One of my first encounters was with a friend we'll call 'P". "P" and I were closing up shift around 11:00 pm and restocking towels, both of us were carrying towels which obstructed our view (head high). "P" was probably 5 yards down the corridor behind me when I physically felt myself being pushed from behind (which we occasionally have done to one another).

I fell hard, towels unfolded everywhere, I was pissed and yelled: "Hey @#$!% what's with checkin' me bro ?" I looked expecting to see "P" standing over me, but nonetheless he was still about 5 yards behind me, a dumbfounded look on his face and gut wrenching uneasiness in my stomach. I had my "cherry popped" as we call it. It happened one more time when I was completely alone. (not fun).

After the incident, I had over the months experienced smaller, cliche' occurences, feelings of being watched, sudden panic and cold chills (in 90 degree weather you say?) in one area of the garden, I had felt an overwhelming sense of grief. I have seen things that were "there one minute and gone the next". Most popular amongst the employees is what we call "the brush" ( the feeling of a hand swiftly caressing an appendage, or nape of the neck, etc. )

Summer has since winded down, and I have moved into another department. I pay close attention to the pool which was once busy, that now in it's slumber reveals some odd things. I work in the bar now and have developed a new relationship with another juvenille- minded spirit who seems to have a fondness for "hiding" coasters and spilling peanuts. Last week I was "locked" in the liquor pantry (which oddly enough HAS no lock). Late at night when our shift ends and we close down, the smell of cigars (which are not permitted) permeates the room.

I could go on but this would turn into an autobiography, and you in turn would be bored. I am new to ATS and wanted to share my experiences with some of you members who might have your own. I used to be a serious skeptic and doubted the sanity of those with claims of this matter. I am now amongst you who do....

If you're ever in San Diego, Hotel del Coronado...who knows you might just run into me.... or better yet, "something" else.


posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 12:20 PM
I'm not bored at all! However, I don't have any good stories to trade with you - at least not of the haunting sort...

So what is the history of this place? Do you know? I had never heard of it before - and it reminds me a lot of the Overlook which was the resort in CO that Stephen King created for his book 'The Shining.'

Although I don't have any good personal experiences - I have sucked up all sorts of information related to this kind of thing ever since I could learn to read and was honored with a library card! (35 years or so!)....and my own conclusions on hauntings tell me that they seem to be more of an emotional or soulful thing rather than based in apparitional activity. In other words, I think that it is the energy that causes the person encountering the source (be it actual entity or just their residual spirit) to then have the physical experiences...

Although certainly it isn't something necessarily obvious until it is obvious (LOL) - because you were caught off guard as many people no doubt are...but yet - how can something that has no material constancy cause physical interaction? I think it is through strong emotional energy...

One thing that always makes me wonder on it's enigmatic action is that feeling of 'absolute fear' (as I've heard it often described) and you called it 'sudden panic.' I can't imagine feeling intense horror because of a spook (rather than in response to a spook) - it is they who cause the terror in our hearts...or any rate, it is something you feel you have no control over, isn't it?

Do you have any theories on the why's of this type of haunting? Based on what you've experienced?

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 12:20 PM
Echo...very interesting stuff. Has anyone actually seen a ghost at/around the hotel? What are some of the strangests events that have taken place there? In other words, why is it haunted, strange history?

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 12:36 PM
I was very intrigued and so I had no patience - I found a pretty good page on your Hotel - VERY interesting - the conclusion that the writer of this web page is the same one I came to - before I got to the end of the page I had already formulated my suspicions...

It's an awesome place - haunted or not! Beautiful - with a romantic past more so than tragic....

I noticed that the haunting is NOT used to attract guests - I found all mentions of the haunting on sites that were NOT trying to sell vacationers on the idea of staying at the Del Coronado...

What do you do there, anyway?

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 12:41 PM
Nice pics of the actual Hotel in all its red turreted splendor at

Too bad the daily valet fee is about 3/4 of my whole budget for vacation lodgings...

is there a motel 6 nearby?

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 01:33 PM

Originally posted by undecided2
Echo...very interesting stuff. Has anyone actually seen a ghost at/around the hotel? What are some of the strangests events that have taken place there? In other words, why is it haunted, strange history?

I have seen on many occassions what I believe to have been "Kate". She had committed suicide in room 3502. I myself have never been in the room, but her room is prominent and easily seen from many locations amongst the property. Guests as well have seen what they thought was a sillouette of a woman in this window. (which I have witnessed).

As far as seeing physical entities, I don't know. I personally have not. I have only been there since late May and have not had the chance to talk to EVERY employee of 1000 plus. As I mentioned, alot of employees don't even speak of it. Would you ? in confidence ?

Besides, there are employees who just want to "fit in", make stories up, nightly. It is hard to discern what is real and what others have made up. I can tell you events that have been documented such as safes having been opened unexplainabley, lights flickering, doors that won't open, windows that won't close, (my favorite) guest baggage having moved or been temporarily misplaced.

I work in one of the bars, and as I posted earlier, some goofy things are going on. And no, the hotel does not capitalize on or advertise for tourist interest, ( The Queen Mary) the fact it is haunted. The hotel does however encourage guests to explore the grounds, and report any activity. I do definately think there are more than one ghost who reside here with us.........

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