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So, who would you like to see win the Democratic Primary in '08?

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posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 08:23 AM
Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Moderates, Independants, Socialists, Nationalists, MY FELLOW AMERICANS..

Who'm would you like to win the Democratic Candidacy for President of the USA in 2008? I think I could list off a few names as potential Democratic nominees but only a few would actually be correct.

Personally, I'd love to see Senator Joe Biden, the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations Commitee, take the Candidacy because he is just the ultimate vote magnet in my opinion. He's left-leaning, but super down to earth and very very moderate. A moderate-leftist is what we need after so many years thus far in this Terrorism conflict, to bring some true judgement and intelligent decisions back into the White House and lets win these wars know what I mean?

I also see other candidates as being possibly Hillary Clinton, though she'd lose in primary I think, John Kerry may run again.. though he'd lose in primary too. I even read an article the other day that Senator Barack Obama, giver of the keynote speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004, was not ruling out running for President in 2008! Now theres a man people adore, and he would definantly win if he ran.

So .. my vote goes with Barack Obama if he actually ran, and Joe Biden if Obama doesn't run. I really have no idea who the Republican nominee would be, or who would make it into their Primaries. Any Republicans want to shed some light here?

I can just picture Lindsay Graham and Hillary Clinton on a Presidential Debate on National TV.. though in seriousness I doubt H. Clinton could get past Primary. Lindsay Graham on the otherhand has already begun distancing herself from being an ardent-Bush-agenda follower and supporter back to a 'regular Republican'. Is this a sign? Maybe just because her seat is up for vote next Month maybe? Alot have been distancing themselves from the President on the Republican side due to the elections next month for Congress and part of Senate. I personally can't wait to see the far-reaching implications of the vote.

Can anyone say Democratic Majority in the House?
What about Democratic Majority in the Senate?

What do youuuu think?

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posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 08:26 AM
I really like Obama also, but I wouldn't mind seeing Wes Clark either.

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by runetang
Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Moderates, Independants, Socialists, Nationalists, MY FELLOW AMERICANS..

Uh... it's an international board.

Moving to the US Politics forum.

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 01:06 PM
well Gools, considering only Americans can vote in American elections, I thought it was an appropriate sentence for the thread. I was just trying to point out every political group or ideology in the country, and since the subject was of an American election, I said 'my fellow americans'.

I never said i didnt want to hear what non-Americans had to say, I just didn't expect them to be that in-the-know on the potential candidates that at the moment are just Senators and Governers and the like..

I surely couldn't tell you the Governer's name of any province in Germany, Sweden, Norway, or England without consulting the internet for source information.

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