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working together

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posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 12:39 AM
i am a new member to this website, although i have been lurking around and reading for over a year now, and have spent most of my time in the government, political, nwo type stuff
there are alot of theories out there, and i have noticed that there are alot of people worried about our governments abuse of the rights of the american people (or the lack thereof these days) and have seen many threads on what the government is planning on doing to the people of this country, with complete disregard to everything that I believed this country stood for

however, i have yet to see anything about something i think is vital

my question is what are we going to do about all of it
is there any way to get all of the people concerned with this together, on the internet or otherwise, to address these problems and find out some way to bring it to the attention of the american people
you know, production of and mailing of gathered information on this in the form of pamphlets, sending large amounts of documents or videos to news stations, newspapers, etc. to get all this information out
i mean, what if we got like a thousand people to mail information, and our concerns to local papers, stations, etc., all over the country
but it wouldnt have to be people locally, what if a thousand of of ats'ers sent this stuff all over the country, to large and small media outlets in mass quantities
i think it would be good to send it to small, local outlets to get a wider area, and then the larger outlets would take notice

also, why hasn't anyone proposed setting up some sort of minuteman type organization across the country just in case our government gets too out of control
get a large number of people to support it all over the country, and have its only goal to protect the american people from the government or any type of attack that could bring down the country
i think many people in this country feel to secure with having our only real defense our standing army
and that being said, what if it is the standing army that is implemented against the people we wont be able to do anything against them without some sort of structure and support

anyways i not too sure, but there may already be something like what i stated in the second paragraph, but i just dont see or hear enough of the first being done

after all, even if only a small percentage of the american people got together there would be no stopping them, especially since if the government tried to, the larger part of the country might be awakened to what is going on and join in

anyways, sorry for the long post, and if there is an existing discussion in here somewhere, i just want to see some discussion on these things and what everyone thinks

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 11:10 AM
hey man I just wanted to say that I have been trying to do the same thing in my city and many other people have too. What we need now is a consolodation of resources. What I am trying to do now is put together a weekly google video/you tube news show where people can get the real news. If your down email me at underground_railroad_2@yahoo

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 11:54 AM
There are a lot of people who prefer to wear blinders today and pretend that they don't know what the current government is doing. They strictly limit the information they view and hear. I'm surrounded by them. They tend to listen to Rush Limbaugh and they all think Bush is doing good things in Iraq and defending the US from terrorism. I can't talk to them about anything political, national or global. I once emailed my uncle some 'Bushisms' and he replied "don't send me this sh*t"!
It's really scary how uninformed and blindly-believing they are about the US govn't.
And I'm not talking about a few old folks or just my primarily republican family, I run into people like this all the time, mostly middle aged people.

I've come to a hypothesis as to why these people refuse to step outside of their tiny box: I think these people are desperate for something to believe in. In todays age when you can't hardly help but hear about everything everyone says and does in the govn't and else where, you eventually start to learn a lot things that you used to believe in but not fully understand. Everything is under a microscope. Anything can be answered with a simple Google search. There is nothing left unanswered, hense no mystery and nothing to believe in. So the God fearing christian republicans have reverted back to a time when they didn't know everything about everything by simply ignoring anything they don't want to know so they can believe in something again.

Whew, that last line is tough!

Hopefully you get the concept I'm trying to convey, even though it's more of a general feeling on why all these pro-Bush people are so pro-Bush and won't listen to anything to the contrary.

Edit: Oh, how does this apply to the OP's question? Easy, we still have to live with these boxed in folks. So even though I would love to join a huge group or militia to try and fix some of the problems with govn't today, my pro-Bush wife would disown me. So I stand divided in my head and on my keyboard while keeping my personal and business relationships comfortably neutral.

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