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In regards to Thermite Videos/evidence

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posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 05:57 PM
Many of you have posted pictures showing the "Thermite process" occurring on the World trade centers,
and some are saying it is aluminum melting, or maybe even gas,
first off,
Thermite is roughly 25.3% aluminum and 74.7% iron oxide. Thus saying it is aluminium alone is only a quarter true.
Keep this in mind. Thermite is used to weld steel without using any large machines, basically engineers see to it as a form of metal "band-aid"
Thermite WAS used in fixing some inner-wall problems on the world trade center in
the late 80s, of course, the question would rise "why would you add thermite to a building that holds thousands of people"
We all know that the WTC had poor structural engineers, the constant interference they had with the radio towers was an example of using poor reactive materials in their tower platforms. This Thermite Reaction occurring outside the wtc was most likely a part of the world trade center which was "patched" due to the incredible Thin nature of the inner-walls (My Cousin had quit a job at the world trade center a few months before hand and kept telling me that many people on the south side of the tower had to put wood planks behind their monitors to make sure that if their computer monitor moved back suddenly, it wouldnt make a hole, which apparently had happened alot.

The sourcing for my finds can be found by entering any key words you find in this article, if you want more I have a nifty 3 page document on it, you can e-mail me on request.

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