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Tracking the legendary Ghost Deer of Northern California

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posted on Nov, 10 2003 @ 11:22 PM

The Ghost Deer of Northern California has befuddled hunters, confounded game wardens and mystified anyone who has heard of it, tracked it - - or been lucky enough to see it.

It lives in the wilderness canyons of Mt. Eddy west of Mt. Shasta, as well as in the minds of those who are beguiled by it.

Maybe my dad wasn't a bad shot afterall.

Grandpa said, "He shot 25 times, at a deer and missed!"
Dad blamed it on bad sites.

The funny thing about the deer never ran away. It just stood there twitching its tail and flicking its ears! I guess dad ran out of bullets and gave up. /i]

posted on Nov, 11 2003 @ 10:45 PM

Then again, maybe there are mysteries in the wild for which we may never find answers.

That's a really cool legend. It's very interesting that your pops and grandpops had that experience. Perhaps they witnessed one of these mysteries.


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