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Kennedy-Dion alliance?

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posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 10:50 AM
Reported in the Toronto Star today, talks between the Gerrard Kennedy and Stephane Dion camps about a possible alliance to overtake front running Ignatiff. It's unclear who would throw his support behind whom but this has the potential to put forth a viable candidate for the Liberal party.

The outlines of a political alliance that could overtake Liberal leadership frontrunner Michael Ignatieff at next month's convention are beginning to take shape.

Yesterday, Mark Holland, MP for Ajax-Pickering and Ontario chair for Gerard Kennedy's campaign, told the Toronto Star his camp is talking with St├ęphane Dion, former cabinet minister from Quebec, about a potential alliance.

It's the first time a leadership candidate has been so blunt about strategy for the leadership convention, slated for Montreal Nov. 28 to Dec. 3, and it may have been because Ignatieff's people speculated publicly on what Kennedy delegates would do.


Persoanlly I think that Kennedy needs some seasoning before expecting to lead a national party. Dion, on the other hand, looks to to be the most attractive candidate of all the participants. Iggy has too much verbal baggage and Rae is, well, Rae. Neither of these candidates seem to be worried at this alliance but they should be if Kennedy throws his support behind Dion. If this scenario plays out, I'd be worried too if I was Harper.

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 11:31 AM
If I was "Iggy-Rae" Liberal or of those camps... this item would be "up" on my reading list and the Blackberry'd be smokin'. This does "fit" very well and I perceive "no negative" for Kennedy or Dion. Their views are quite similar but from different cultural perspectives - a valuable "thing". I don't see either dropping out before December 2nd yet, and I look forward to some more jostling for cabinet horse-trading. Volpe's delegate-votes may go last (if they haven't gone already) as nobody wants to "be around him" anymore... that could be significant in a tight set-up for third ballot.

Dion equipped with the Kennedy/Stronach English machine would certainly be a "force-majeur" at the convention, especially considerering that the preponderance of "Old One's" are already "Dion friendly". Hmmm, the Quebec Liberal-old-school allied with the Ontario/other Liberal-left... geez eh, that might just work pretty well especially in an election. You need a French machine and an English machine to get a majority... this'd be a good start.

I would expect beyond the October 31st book launch by Rae, and whatever Iggy steps in next, rumblings of alliances are valid if not settled. December 2nd ought to be pretty interesting after the first ballot.

Just my own personal expectation, but I'd be super-surprised if there weren't some surprises yet... this is gettin' "good" and I now see the reason behind the multi-month selection process - sustained opportunity for exposure regionally and nationally.

Rae or Iggy or both will try and harpoon the other again... it's only a matter of time and I still can't find one bit of "dirt" on Dion. "Mr. Clean au Francais" or "M. Net"? LOL. I like the guy. I hope the rest of English Canada does too or at least enough to keep America's PM Stephen "An Army Of One" Harper and his voiceless lip-synching clone-bots in reach during the next election. Much can, and will happen.

Victor K.


[edit on 25-10-2006 by V Kaminski]

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