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Anyone familiar with these regulations..

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posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 08:58 AM
Is anyone familiar with the regulations regarding airport security in the post 9/11 America? Specificly what I mean is, were regular patrols instituted by the Government with Helicopters at every major airport in the country? Fairly consistant, daily, every hour or so they pass by type of patrols?

Well, the Helicopters are black, and unmarked with anything I can see, and they fly quite low when around the airfield, which is basicly in my backyard. They look almost like Blackhawk helicopters, maybe a little bit bigger, can't really tell. I've never seen one stop and hover or anything weird like that.

I know you've heard alot of stories about Black Helicopters, and I thought those same stories were pretty cheesy at times myself at a previous point in life. I am not too paranoid about them being eavesdropping helicopters because I don't incriminate myself very often at all. But I am worried that they might be, not specificly for my sake, but for the sake of everyone else more-so. Damn, a fighter jet just buzzed by fast and loud as hell, heard it through my house windows.

In my state there are a couple or a few CIA facilities, one or more for training, one or more for more important stuff. I only know the name of 1 training facility and its no secret to the locals, but I think the CIA's headquarters is in my state? Yikes.

So, do you think this is simply a case of airport security where these suspicously black helicopters circle around the airport methodicly, or do you think it could be an eavesdropping operation, or a CIA eavesdrop-trainee operation for that matter? I'm not saying they limit themselves to the airport, thats just where I live and see them most frequently, and no these are not just joe-schmoe's taking off from the airport in their personal helicopters, these fly low and are large, almost military looking except painted black.

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