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A worldwide conspiracy?

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posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 03:00 AM
If we have been visited by another alien civilization, taking into account all the reports over the years of crashed spacecraft being recovered by various nations, what is the chance that a small or rogue nation also has them in their posessions? What makes us so sure that ALL leaders in the world have the same philosopy of secrecy that we, Russia and say England has? It seems like you only hear about the recovery of downed craft in well developed nations. Dont you think that if one could benifit from the use of the alien technology, that poorer nations would have nothing to lose by announcing to the world that they have evidence and broadcast it? Think of the amount of money a nation could bring in just with curious alone. . how much would YOU pay if you could see real, tangible evidence of alien technology?

Dont get me wrong, I do believe that we have been visited. I am just interested in everyone's view on why the entire world would bond together with the theory that it would be bad for mankind to know that we aren't alone. . . .

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but a search on the topic brought up nothing.

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posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 03:10 AM
Intriguing question. I myself would ask exactly the same. I would think 'they' would be threatened or would be shut out before it reached the masses. There is definetly something amiss here...
I am looking forward to this discussion.


Perhaps there is a world conspiracy linked to the aliens themselves... They chose where they crash...

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posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 03:28 AM
It is a global conspiracy, but smaller nations just don't have the capacity to hang onto crash retrievals. For one, most smaller countries probably have very limited means of tracking such events. I imagine the massive passive radar and satellite tracking ability of the USA just about negates any other nation from obtaining downed extraterrestrial vehicles. They probably find out long after the USA does in the first place.

The USA and other nations' foreign aid money most likely also includes secret provisions on these matters to shut up smaller nations. If that fails, the military groups tasked to deal with this subject most likely conduct some very nasty threats and violence to the family and friends of major political leaders. The only way to keep people from talking on this subject is to hand out some very awful threats, if not carrying them out from time to time. IMO, they'd have everything to lose by announcing something like this. Which is precisely why they don't.

As far as making money off the secret of extraterrestrials, keeping this reality a secret is the only way money can be accrued from it. If suddenly the world understood that extraterrestrials were here, the social, political, and economic fallout from the public realizing they've been lied to, used, and abused for decades just to hide this secret would almost certainly spell the end of contemporary governments. And when they go, so does the (already worthless) fiat currencies they produce.

Not only that, but if the world found out that extraterrestrials had lifestyles and systems of government (or no systems of government) that were better than how we live today, the governments of our world would immediately find themselves to be dinosaurs. Going extinct overnight from a massive popular shift to emulate the lifestyles of offworld technologically prosperous beings.

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posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 03:35 AM
Very interesting post Frith. I definately have put thought into the geo-political fallout from such an announcement. However you assume that all nations have stable governments that can think of the bigger picture and all of the repercussions associated with disclosure. Fact is that there are many that cant think beyond ethnic cleansing, or terrorism because of the corruption. It just seems that there has to be downed craft in other parts of the world that would want to make a quick buck/splash by announcing such evidence without the thought of the big picture. . . . .I mean, at least one country in the history of UFOlogy? Seems strange to me. . . .

Thank you for your insight!

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 04:01 AM
Oooooo tough one this one but I'll give my opinion if you wanna hear it......

If say a rogue nation had advanced technology from a UFO crash site you're probably right that a superior nation woudl know about it first and make all attempts to arrive, pick up and clean up before any one else got there. However, let's look at the possibility of a rogue nation actually having this technology.

1. Do they have the means to reverse engineer this technology and turn it in something for the good or bad of amnkind? I doubt it very much.

2. Would they want to admit (especially deeply religious nations) that we are not alone in the grand scale of things and that maybe their, our or your god doesn't exsist? Again, I doubt it.

3. Would they be able to hold the worlds leading powers to ransom for the technology? Yes.

Please let me know what you think people.


posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 04:45 AM
I have thought about this also, and I concluded that what is happening is that the species that has a predominant prescence (& contact) on Earth, is hostile (or their actions are/would be perceived as such by the general public), and the governments that have become aware of this are either advised or coerced by other states (or the aliens themselves) to keep quiet.

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 05:05 AM
I'll reply in this way...

If you one day learned that the supposed ET friends of yours have visited Earth against space regulations pertaining to this prison grid for souls known as Earth, and all the technology they give you in exchange for you following their orders DEPENDED on certain space authorities not finding out about it... I think you'd keep a lid sealed on the UFO conspiracy and keep your populations in the dark.

Another claim where you get no proof: Wars have been faught on silencing/protecting the agenda at all costs.

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posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 06:47 AM
C'mon man. You should work on your topics.

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 06:55 AM
My thoughts regarding this issue is that we can´t even touch the aliens.Yes they are here,we are not alone,they have been here a long time.Perhaps they even created our physical bodies..

They are clearly keeping an eye on us for what ever their reasons & from the looks of many incidents, our goverments fear them & have even tried to shoot them down.Why they fear them one could speculate for ever.But my bet is that the unknown factor is one of the reasons but not the only one.Goverment doesn´t know much more about them then we normal mortals do.The aliens come & go as they pleased.Do what they want & our rulers can´t do a thing about it.Perhaps the worst for the elit rulers is that the aliens doesn´t even care to communicate with them.But in some rare cases there have been limited communication with ordenary people.

I belive we have Ufo´s in our possesion,but they are all man made.Based on Supressed technology wich could involve zero point energy.Most if not all downed UFO craft would be from our own line of production.Malfunctioning or whatever.

The conspiracy is multifolded in my opinion.First the supressed technology wich would
turn the world up side down with it´s free energy.The oligarchy want to rule the world & have power.All that could overthrow this rulership is regarded with hostility.
People need to be keept as stupid and blind as possible.With all sorts of means.Control of media,brainwashing through Tv programs,series & Movies,etc.

Aliens are the factor X for our rulers.They have come to understand that we/they are inferior to the aliens.They know that we definitely are not alone.But they do not know what´s and why´s about the aliens, as they would want us to belive via some "on CIA payroll Ufologists or sk whistleblowers".I think our selfproclamed rulers are really scared of the aliens.They have realized that they are not the top dogs & see the aliens and their presence as a threat for their continuing rulership.Shooting at aliens with kinetic & other supressed technological weapons is one of their methods to try scare the aliens off.Last but not least they are trying to get the public to fear the aliens as well.

Now these are only my thoughts, Im aware that I could be wrong..

With their own downed UFO´s in different countries who´s knowledge about these things are zero. I think they use bribes and all sorts of threats.

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posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 05:44 AM
It's good not to feel alone. We are are spec of life in an ever expanding universe. How lonely would we actually be? Also, on the other hand, how closed minded would you have to be to think that we are the only life out there? Very!! We have been here for less than the blink of an eye on the grand scale of things and we are not honest with each other from nation to nation, from colour to colour and religion to religion. We are more lonely than we think.


In response to this I can only say that I feel the governments and guiding forces of our planet my be installing the fear that these "visitors" are hostile. Think of any alien many are nice aliens apart from A.L.F and E.T? Not many. They may wish to help, but our governments / super powers aren't interested. They agreed to the abductions we always hear about about and have put this to thier advantage by passing mesages of various desciptions to those chosen to hear these messages.

One thing that does scare me is the new move by the USA "claiming space", cheeky b*stard Bush. Is this a move to weaponize (sp) space? If so, what has triggered it?

1. There is so much activerty up there that we should keep a close eye on things?
2. Are we about to take on an enemy we are in no way prepared for?
3. Have we p*ssed someone off out there and they've decided enough is enough?
4. We will be using space to control the weather?
5. Will we use space to arm the powerful nations against the so called "rouge nations" to ensure that if they get too big for thier boots we can just zap them out of existance form space?

If youthink about each individuallly, just bear in mind that the USA have also said that anyone trying to stop them will be dealt with. Ok, so I don't know that actuall quote but you can be sure that they mean business as a threat like this can't just be taken lightly. Something has triggered this, whether it's earth based or space based we do not know.

What's going on?


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