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Dreams and odds and ends

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 08:44 PM
Ok, I found a few that were unclear and confusing to me but still felt important in a way I didn't understand.
I'll just copy paist what I typed in my ??? dream journal and then elaborate where I can. I put 4 of them here. I'll post more if you want me too.


Dream October 19, 2006
I was showing many young children that it was easy to float. (as if floating on water, had to be relaxed and just lay there calmly)... but I wasn't floating on water, I was floating on air, just above the ground... maybe 2 or 3 feet off the ground. I was on my side with my head propped up on my hand... as if laying naunchalauntly... I was kind of bobbing a bit, as if maybe there was at least some effort or ability needed, as if I did need to try a bit to stay 'floating'. (Floating was the word I used in my dream).

Aug 30th, 2006
Dreamed last night that my milk was coming in. I was expressing milk - LOTS of milk. When I went to look for my baby to nurse - I went down the street - but the 'baby' was like 5 or 6 years old. I couldn't believe it - it was like years had just zipped by in an instant without my knowing it. I was sad that I had lost this time, and I couldn't believe it. Then I noticed his teeth. I thought it was little Tony (my oldest), but the hair cut was different, and it didn't look 'exactly' like him... but I was worried about his teeth. The teeth, all around the gums... as if rotting and black (although there was no 'yuck' rott going on - just that line of darkness. So I though, maybe a loose tooth and that's why I could see the dark line - because the tooth was away from the gum line? But then I thought, all the teeth at once?! (it was the top teeth)

*Also, the mild was very thick, very very thick... and came in a thick stream too. I have NO idea what this was all about?

September 28, 2006 (part of a dream... there were many peices and parts)
I was then at moms house and it was getting dark. I was worried about what time it was and all the clocks said something different and I couldn't look at my phone. I asked little tony (my son) and he said the the sun is getting ready to come up (or something like that), I thought it was around 6pm. A clock said 2 or 4... I just couldn't tell what time it was and was worried about being late for work (the bus). I was trying to call Martin (boss) and none of the phones would work. Mom was trying to help me - I was trying to plug in a different phone into the wall plug, mom said that the other phone is off the hook at Aron's place. (Aron is my baby brother. He died a few years ago at the age of 22. The phone was off the hook at Arons place?)

(when I got up I checked the phone - listend and was disappointed when there was a dial tone. I guess I was hoping that thre would be nothing but silence - maybe it was in link to Arons place. But it was just a phone. I also checked for phone messages...there were none)
This dream bothered me. Not being able to call Martin.

Aug 28th 2006
I was driving my (school) bus, up long thin gravel roads - lost. The busses breaks failed - even the park break - I pulled hard and the knob broke around the rim. John (the boss and head of transpertation) was suddenly there next to me and I was trying to call martin (my immediate superviser and the man I trust my life with. He also trained me and is family). John was upset that martin wasn't reachable on the CB and said "that's it, he's out of here". (I should note here - Martin has been working thre for 45+ years and it is his goal and dream to be there for 50 years.)

Long gravel road, jonh was no longer there. No one really around. One junction (an ' L ') in the road. One man, of different breed, I asked where I was. He didn't know where we were but drew a map of the road I was on. I asked the name of the roads. One road was named Todd. The other road was named Jack. I immediately knew I wasn't suppose to be there, that no one was suppose to know about this place. But then I asked to see Jack, I felt better because at least I knew jack and maybe wouldn't be in danger.

(I should tell you - Jack Todd is an X-cop, one of the "good ol' boys" of this suberban/country county. Out here, if you know too much you can just 'disapear'. The cops are all in on it, nothing can be done. I had a problem (over 100,000$ worth of a problem) with the "good ol' boys" and thier cops/firends etc. Jack was a man I had been wondering if I should go to and tell all... I know he could help me or he could hurt me. I never went to him because I still don't know that it's safe. These cops stick together. Even the ones that were pushed out.) I felt this dream was telling me something. Lik it was a warning, and a LOUD one. But I don't know - not really.

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