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Does God Love Himself, Satan, and/or Other Beings?

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 07:06 PM
Choose between the following:

1) God Loves Himself, Satan, and Other Beings
2) God Loves Himself, Other Beings, but not Satan
3) God Loves Himself, but not Satan or Other Beings
4) God Loves Himself and Satan, but not Other Beings
5) God does not Love Himself or Satan, but Loves Other Beings
6) God does not Love Himself, but loves Satan and Other Beings
7) God does not Love Himself or Other Beings, but Loves Satan
8) God does not Love Himself, Satan, or Other Beings

I choose 1. God cannot help but Love all of His Creation!!! God cannot help but be Just to all of His Creation!!! God, unwaveringly, creates a pleasure/pain ratio for all beings that is Infinitely Just for all of Eternity!!!

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