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UFO ORB over Concord, CA (SF Bay Area)

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 12:26 PM
Before my soccer game started, I thought, what the heck, it's a clear sky and I'll look around for UFO's. Cracking up, I layed down on the grass, and holy crap, there was an object that looked like a star in the sky. I took my keys and held them in my hand, braced on my chest, and alligned the key tip with the "star" to see if it was moving. After 5 or so minutes of not moving, I wiped my brow in a "whew" style, and relaxed, thinking no wonder they are always saying that people are mistaking stars and planets for UFO's! But then I got to thinking, it's not dark out, at all. What the hell can this be? So, I have not moved my position, and still have my key planted on the "star" and I look back to check it out. It's moved. Not a lot, maybe an inch to my perspective. So, logically I congratulate myself on being so smart, figuring in the rotation of the planet etc, so I pat myself on the back for not being one of those "I saw sumthin" in the sky people. But, then, it keeps moving. And moving, and moving, and moving. At this point, I'm saying outloud to myself, "no f'ing way" etc. Now the game is on, and it's got my FULL attention. This goes on for 20 minutes. It sits in one spot, then moves a little, then sits, moves, etc. I sware it actually glowed brighter a couple times, and looked kinda like it morphed into a different shape for a moment two or three times, but I was looking with my naked eyes.

Finally, after 30 min or more, I actually got bored. I kept waiting for it to shoot off at 1000 mph or something, but nada. At this point, at least 30 min into watching this thing, I look over to see if any more guys had arrived to play soccer, look back, and it's gone. I was pissed. I still had my keys on my chest braced, and the tip of my car key on the object. My head was on my soccer ball, and I didn't get up or move my head. Only my eyes. I was taking this thing seriously, and I REALLY wanted to see it take off! I continued to look, relaxed, refocused, but didn't move, and it was gone. Kinda bummed on the whole not seeing it leave thing.

For you techie watcher/searcher guys, here are the conditions...

Time 5:30pm PST. Duration was from 5:30pm to a tad after 6pm
Sky- blue, no clouds, beautiful
Wind- light breeze

Look, I REALLY wish I could say it was a balloon. I JUST found this forum, and I JUST watched the UFO movie by Jose Escamilla. I swear, when I layed down as I always do before soccer, waiting for all the other players, something in my head was saying, c'mon, look up in the sky for UFO's. I jokingly was talking back to myself like "get real, shut up, don't be a fool" type inner dialog. But it got the best of me and I looked up. I said, out loud at this thing, "you've got to be f'ing kidding me" and I was laughing out loud at myself thinking that I was seeing a UFO, right after viewing a documentary on the subject. Then it started moving.

I've always been interested in UFO's, and even had an interesting experience camping alone once in the mountains, where the tent became illuminated with liquid light and all I remember after that is a silver buzzing object around my face.

I guess what I'm saying is, in the back of my mind I always thought (hoped) that the UFO thing may be fake. Strange, but I knew it wasn't if that makes sense. Thinking something may have happened to me that night camping, against my knowledge and will, is not always the most pleasant thought. It's cool to have a forum such as ATS (although I still think some of the stories here are freaking nutty, but I'm not judging), I'm keeping one eye on the ground, and one eye in the sky now ;-)

posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 06:57 PM
I think we may be entering another UFO flap.....On friday night five friends where supposed to meet me in concord. When they met me at the bar they all came RUNNING up to me All yelling and I had to shut them and say one at a time please. One of the five friends has had a UFO experience with me about five years prior.

So they all agreed that they saw an object over the skys of danville, california. It was around twilight and the craft was dark perhaps black and it was eliptical/saucer shaped. It had lights spinning around it. The lights where morphing into all colors, green, orange, blue, etc. and had an "organic" odd brightness to them. The object made no sound and maneuvered like no other craft they know of. Mind you this is five witnesses, all agreeing on the same story.

I have had 2 UFO sightings in the last 4 or so weeks. Your post wont get much attention unless you have pics or video to prove it. I have grown tired of this site as of late. Few people care to hear your stories here unless you can deliver them a video of independence day quality on a silver platter.

Anyway Im glad I saw your post. I live near you and have had many UFO experiences, granted I dont know if they where ET craft. Just watch the skys, man. I had a similar experience to what you describe about two weeks ago and about two weeks before that I saw something very odd. It looked like a saucer flying out of control, it too was black(black and white like an othelo board game chip). Here are the links to my threads. Thanks for sharing your experience'

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 04:32 PM
I checked your old posts and I can answer the spinning question for you. The reason that it was spinning out of control is I saw them earlier drinking at Dan's bar in Walnut Creek

Seriously though, after looking at a gizillion pics and videos, it would appear that these things opperate via magnetism of sorts. I watched a video a few years back of a laboratory experiment where they levitated a spider via electro-magnetics. Sure enough, that little spider shook, twisted and spun very similar to all the ufo videos out there.

I for one am not sure I want to watch the skys anymore

And besides, my wife made it very clear that I was under no circumstances to bring anything home with me.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 05:01 AM
i live in concord too and think i saw that same ufo tonight 1/15/09 around 830p over martinez

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