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John Lear, Sleeper, Moderators, ATS 3 amigos, ETC!!!

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 12:25 AM
I think it's time to have a bunch of ATS people collaborate and create either an E-book, a sticky thread, or a featured listing via Moderators and maybe the ATS three amigos, and have some DISCLOSURE on UFO's.

The recent information put on these boards is absolutely wonderful, interesting, powerful, and truthful. Strength comes through organization. There needs to be a re-cap of information that the majority agrees with, or that the most credible people on this board that had jobs in the field pertaining to this information agree with organized into chapters, feedback, known truths, speculation, and ideas (and marked as such). Maybe an "ATS-Approved" label of sorts.

This has to be done, not only for the fun aspect but because the tools are available.
I'm calling all ATS members, especially the ones listed in the subject of the thread... are you up to the challenge?


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