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(SMHSC) The Date

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posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 07:44 PM
She ran down the long moonlit road. Every now and then she glanced quickly behind her shoulder, as if some monster were stalking her steps. And a monster really was following. A monster with slashing fangs and a muscular hairy body, thirsty for violence and blood. It's hunched over silhouette was creeping quickly along about two hundred feet behind her. The shadow it cast looming long and dark beside it.

A long drawn out howl sounded in the night wind causeing her to let out a little shriek of terror. Now she flat out ran. The full moon seemed to grow larger as it rose further in the sky. No clouds obscured it, so she could see quite well that in the distance was the dark wooded forest. The heels she wore were pulled off and flung desperately behind her in a futile effort to discourage what was behind her.

Her breath ached in her lungs as she scurried into the dense brush in hope of finding safety there. She almost knocked herself out upon the trunk of large oak tree in her haste. Rubbing the bruise on her forehead, she sat and listened. Yes, there it was, she could hear the slight crunching of leaves as if something or someone was trying to not to be heard. The better to find it's intended victim.

She was afraid to move and held her breath. As the steps came closer she could hear growls of frustration as her stalker sniffed the air searching for his quarry..

An hour or so ago, he had seemed so charming, so suave. Such a handsome guy, she hardly believed her luck that he'd asked her for a date. The bouquet of flowers he'd brought had seemed such a thoughtful gesture.. A gentleman, she'd thought. The only thing that had slightly alarmed her was how rare he'd ordered his steak at dinner. "Very, very rare". he'd growled at the waiter in his deep, sexy voice. The sight of blood had always made her a bit queasy anyway. His hands were rather hairy she noticed as he cut into the nearly raw slab of bloody meat on his plate. But no matter, because his eyes were quite beautiful and brown. The rather predatory yellow gleam in them was probably just a trick of the candlelight.

The nightmare had begun later on the way home in his car. It had been easy enough for her to agree to take "the scenic route" which was an abandoned dirt road out in the country. A stop on the side of the road for what she had hoped would be a romantic kiss had'nt happened. Instead she'd witnessed a terrifying transformation that had sent her clawing and screaming her way out of the passenger side and running down the old dirt road.. Oh those long fangs glistening in the light from the dashboard! That blood curdling howl as if the change were painful to him!

He'd attempted to grab her arm when she'd made her escape. Long bloody streaks marred the soft white flesh. Now they throbbed with each beat of her terrified heart. She wondered now just what had attracted her to him in the first place. Why was she always chooseing the wrong man? The bad boys who broke her heart, the ones who ended up just useing her? It just was'nt fair!
And now it looked as if she'd have to pay the ultimate price for her bad judgement.

Listening once again, she knew that he was now very close. She could feel the hot breath on her face and hear the snap of teeth. Closeing her eyes, she waited for her date to take her home.

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posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 08:15 PM
Never trust anyone that wants to go the scenic route until after you're married. Then it's ok.

Nice story elaine...I saw lots of great bits in this horror tale..her throbbing arm where he had scratched her, his table manners and hairy hands.


An American Werewolf on a first date...but I don't think he's taking her home to mom and dad.

mwuha ha ha ha

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