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Is it me or does she 'like' him?

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posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 10:18 AM
This might appear to be a peculiar post heh, but i came across this webpage when i was searching for various things on the excellent BBC drama 'Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa!"

It features Michael Sheen being interviewed on the daily 'BBC Breakfast' programme by Dermot Monaghan & Mishal Husain. What's particularly of interest, is Mishal Husain's gradual 'warming up' to Michael Sheen, complimenting him with "you did it reall well" etc and generally seeming slightly more 'perkier' and friendly with him.

Is it me or have i picked up on something here? That she seems attracted/interested in him (i don't mean 'professionally').

Additional info :-

Mishal is married with one son.

BBC Background

Whilst being married doesn't exactly eliminate one's desires or feelings towards others, it would mean that she's obviously not single, and probably less likely to look for ethereal 'pleasures' with the opposite sex.

Still something to talk about
(no i'm not drunk - but i'd have to be to bring this up :-D)

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