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The most amazing UFO footage in the public arena.

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posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 09:43 AM
Now before you start cracking the usal jokes and comments you have to check out all the episodes on this website and genuinely challenge your tendency to want to debunk, critizise, attack the one bringing up the subject with redicule or personal attacks on the presenters grammar, syntax, spelling etc, and poo poo this stuff away as nonsense. Really ask yourself why you do this. I dont think it mainly falls in the category of denying ignorance...

I sometimes think the ones that jump right out of the gates with this method simply want to show how smart they are to others and how superior their critical thinking abilities are and what their status on the chain of command is to everyone. It usually starts out as, "this has already been covered in this thread" etc.
Closing the thread, docking points, or moving it into a low visibility area will prove this. No im not being manipulative but basing this on many observations of past postings from myself and others.

On to the Subject:
I have to admit some of these craft look like mylar balloons being carried by winds etc but there are some that cannot be dismissed with such simple explanations. Not to say these vehicles are being piloted by beings far away but do in fact do not have the same flying behaviors as known aircraft to date in the public arena.

Some of you might be familiar with Dr Greers Disclosure Project and some of the field trips he has taken to engage these craft up close and personal. If I had the choice to go out hunting UFOs for close enconters with these guys(amateurs) verses Dr Greers field trips...these guys would win hands down.

I question Dr Greer for one reason and that is his high level of access to the government (ie gov/public press releases) and all the intelligence officers, military personnel, and so called experts and scientists that have worked on some of these projects and his general status in the field.

One has to ask themselves how can all these people talk about so called National Security issues they swore not to divulge without some kind of reprisal from the ones that swore them into secrecy.

1st explanation:
Mind you some reprisals have taken place (people being snuffed out and freak accidents etc) but not at the level you would think. Perhaps they know if they bring reprisals towards too many it will confirm that indeed they are hiding something.

2nd Explanation:
There are no UFOs, no aliens however there are new propulsions being discovered by scientists and scientists alone.

3rd Explanation
Another explanation is the ones that swore them into secrecy are involved with the release of this information and probably indirectly or directly have a hand in Dr Greers Disclosure Project for what ever reasons. Generally the military and highly secretive areas of the government dont have the best interest of the public but merely serve as bodyguards to the tip top folks that rule over most everything.

4th Explanation
Its becoming quite the headache to keep it secret any longer and its time the people should know whats going on at some level before the secretive apparatus is embarressed and brings more suspicions and lack of confidence on the governemnt.

The Website:

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 11:06 AM
I had my own project for about six months and found out all I want to know

but thanks for posting and educating the members.

I'm siding with this guy.

He spoke at Roswell Convention

See his picture there, in the fancy shirt:

And my own project.

Find all answers in physics and math, yeah.

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 12:45 PM
it would be nice if i could see it.

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by littlebird
it would be nice if i could see it.

Why don't he come here and tell us.
He won't be able to prove anything with the members here.
No way.
No new links is good links. That link on the bottom is under construction.
The Doctor link is a google search.

We need him here to tell us if its three balloons or three dots of a TR-3B or
unknown triangle craft or what.

Does he believe in plasms thrustors or seen the patents. What.
What is the Disclosure?

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 08:56 PM
Hope I set the record straight on how I deal with the situaton.

I am not a board expert and can't do multiple quote thing.

From your post:

I have to admit some of these craft look like mylar balloons being carried by winds etc but there are some that cannot be dismissed with such simple explanations. Not to say these vehicles are being piloted by beings far away but do in fact do not have the same flying behaviors as known aircraft to date in the public arena.

Yeah the posts with the balloons, on every forum give it up.

Some one puts up and big picture of gigantic multicolored balloon and puts
LOL after it.

Gee its fun to talk about posters from nowhere, low paid dissinformants.

The UFO Movie was talked about and the info was sort of out of the
Dr Greers Disclosure Project, except I suppose the rods which are obvious
bug swarms and rods or cylinder ufos I do not think would be proven.

I plan to put up a video lecture on good old magnetic force, just to let
idea show how it can explain what you see on photos or videos, thats
all, not much. See that Force equation I once posted.

Possible electron flight principles, actual voltage
and frequency unknown.
Perhaps 15.5 KVAC and 5,000 to 10,000 cycle per second.
Interfering frequencies (between E and B curents) at
possible quarter wavelength or frequency.

Force on conductor = current in conductor
times coil magnetic field

F = i X B
B is just the current in coil 2
i is the air gap current pulse, which goes to the
metal craft enclosure generated by coil 1. It will
consentrate an illuminate coil locations, engulf entire
craft in light and show in a perpenticular to flight
The coil is afixed to the craft and electrons are free
Light out the sides indicate a hover, light top and/or
bottom is forward motion.

i = (C/gap)(dV/dt) = (C/gap) (50,000 volts) d[cos(2pift)]/dt
= (C/gap) (50,000) sin(2pift)

This i is a dE/dt desplacement current that charges the
entire metal shell of the craft. A spatial current.

B = current in flat coil that is afixed to the floor of
the craft. Flat coil primary voltage V1 drives the
secondary voltage to N times, V2 = NV1 cos(2pift)

Force = (NCV1/gap)(50,000) max amplitude

If any nunber with correct physical units that can give
a few tons of force then it might work.
I do not know what the Capictance of an air dielectric
capacitor is but I think the spark creation and pulsed
E field is what matters.

It can't be realized but there is always the big IF, if it can be done with coils
and such that we do not know about. You are welcome to bounce any
so called physical phenomena I call out with any local grad student at

I'll point out what to look for in the text book.

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