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Virus Plot against Israel

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posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 04:23 AM
i read a new item this morning.

i was going to put this in bird flu thread
but then i thought nah, this conspiracy cant be right.

If it is true then it is scary.

Israeli people are about to be wiped clean by means of a vaccine.

the secret plan is to put something in the shots given to
male children and adults so that the virus stays in the body for
10 years.
the virus then awakens after 10 years
to kill or paralyse than person.

israel is not advance enough to check and verify each and every vaccine.
it may have expertise in computer industry but it lacks
high tech know how in biological plots being
cooked up by anti-semitic europeans.
neo nazis work in secure labs that handle dangerous viruses.
once genetically modifeid these virus will be a worst nightmare
on human population.
genome project in germany and france is helping to
target specfic groups such as arabs or jews.
what THEY will try is to place viruses in inoncent looking vaccines
and give it to unsuspecting countries.
their health officials will convince the people that it is good for them.

the dumb government officials always try to play down the public
fears but the plan may already have begun:plot

[edit on 23-10-2006 by mr conspiracy]


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