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Caught Out: The Lies of Plastic, Manufactured Artists (earplugs recommended)

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posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 08:08 PM
We all know that pop artists are mostly talentless mannequins selected purely for their marketing potential - groomed, shrink-wrapped and put on the shelf for our consumer delight. But every now and then the shiny wrapping cracks and we see the true extent of how manufactured these "stars" really are.

Watch "Jordan" and some ponce singing "A Whole New World"

A Whole New World

And now watch the version without auto-tune and tweaking (warning, you might want to stuff your ears before Jordan starts...err..."singing"):

A Whole Out of Tune World

And now enjoy the brain-melting tones of Enrique Iglesias with the mic unfortunately turned on as he films a music video:

Tone Deaf Divine

This glimpse of reality was brought to you by Manyfactured Reality Records.


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