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Post Conventional Concentration Camp: Gang Stalking in the new world order

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posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 03:40 PM
Gang Stalking: Covert Harassment in cities like LA, Denver, and actually throughout the United States, and abroad.

International conduit made up of organized crime syndicates, gang stalking organizations, with possible gov't/NSA involvement, as some experts and targets say.

Bush seniors New World Order, according to one writer writing about Gang Stalking in the on line Urban Dictionary sees, the phenomena as indicative of certain aspects of the NWO. Activists, whistle blowers, and hated critical minds seem to be targeted in an insidious and furtive way, one that destroys their lives, and eliminates their human rights, with little recourse options.

It is a real phenomena that is going on without any press, apart from the indy media.

If you piss off a well connected individual, they can have a hell on earth created for you.

Character trashing will begin long before the actual stalking, so as to recruit family memebrs, co-workers, friends, and the like. You will be labled a child molester, a person with hidden dark secrets. The recruits will be convinced that you need this terrible punishemnt.

Stalkers will pose as law enforcement, and disrupt every and any relationaship you have.

Some cases of stalking include poisoning, chemicals to cause one a genrealized numbness, and drugging.

They will set you up to have you look unstable or guilty of some crime. The stalkers study the targets psychology so to implement their endeavors so precise.

It is a new kind of assault, one that does away with the precepts of democracy. This is the NWO, where people, for what ever reason can be brought into this living nightmare, with an intnet to drive the person to an institution or suicide.

Covert harassment has included scents that are potent. One target was drugged in a bar, and had his sense of smell eliminated, only to be able to smell harassemnt scents. Is this implantation? Or careful manipulation of olfactory nerves.

Microwave and other electronic weapons are in use to harass targets.

This is the NWO. An order that will eliminate individuals who are too critical, creative, and insightful.

complicit in gang stalking have ben hospitals, police, fire, ambulence.

see indy news account of one investigative journalist Ray DuQuenne in Pittsburg.

I feel one needs to look to into the gang stalking phenomena and how it seems to play out and support themes of the New World Order.

Or is it simply hi-tech cruelty done for hire for retribution, and directed at whistle blowers, es-spouses of wealthy people etc.

From Guangzhou China to the United States, one Gang Stalking Target has been drugged, chased into isolation, and psychologically harassed. AA meetings, and rehabs, as the target was gaslighted into these venues, endured torments on a daily basis. 24/7.

Psyche wards, the often the usual place a target ends up, due to the unbelievability of the targets account of his or her reality, and these places are often used as staging grounds for stalking endeavors.

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