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The Blunkett Tapes

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posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 11:16 AM
For students of British politics there are some very well know autobiographical and biographical gems to look into to get a feel for the 'inside track' and the mood of the times within the corridors of power.

Within the recent post-1960's period we have had Anthony Crossland diary, Tony Benns' diary, Barbara Castle's diary, Margaret Thatcher's book, Alan Clark's diary, John Major's book (I wonder if it'll ever be revised now we know about him and Edwina?
) and Robin Cook's diary to name a few of the heavy-weights.

Adding to this gallery we now have the recent ex-Home Secretary and Work and Pensions Minister David Blunkett's tapes.
Blunkett kept a tape-recorded diary for the 9yrs he was in senior positions within this Labour government.

Channel 4's Dispatches program has made 2 x 1hr documentaries about these tapes (with interviews with some of the central characters involved, TV clips from the time and reconstructions of key events).

These are available via bit-torrent on the site UKNova ( part 1 is here and part 2 is here ).

note - is a scrupulously legal bit-torrent site with a limited membership but carries so many of these sorts of British political documentaries that I would suggest that anyone interested in this sort of thing to persevere with it until they can get in and sign up.

(I have no connection with the site - other than being an ordinary member of it myself.)

If I find the program elsewhere I'll post a link.

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