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Ashtar Energy Update

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posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 09:17 PM
Mark regularly receives telepathic messages from Ashtar and the Ashtar Command. For an introduction to Ashtar, I refer you to the following text.

History behind Ashtar Command concerning Atlantis

Here is Ashtar's latest Energy update, on behalf of Mark. Enjoy.

"My perception: Earth is swamped right now with the discordant energies. They are feeling really out of whack with all the higher vibrations now grounding into the planet. Lightservers are called to focus on constantly on grounding their energies. The bridge that connects all dimensions as one is growing stronger and is bridging many souls to a new conscious experience.

Ashtar: Many are choosing to align with the higher realities through death experiences, this will be physical death for some but so many are now choosing and following the bridge that aligns with the New Earth. The New Earth is really a composite that is a focal point for the higher alignment of humanity. It is a stepping stone to new adventures and experiences. So much of humanity are feeling crippled with their stresses and are now desiring release. We in the Command and of course Athena and her legions are paving the way for the growth of consciousness. The light is growing stronger and all souls are now feeling more aligned with the growing inner experience. The light is now merging with the higher vibrations. Home is being clearly felt by the masses. The light is swamping the discordant it is growing awareness of the bridge that really connects all as one. There is victory in sight from self created energies.


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