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Was the 10-11-06 New York plane crash a bomb? Footage doesn't show a plane.

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 09:55 PM

Originally posted by realanswers
Video footage prooving that there was no plane is not a theory, IT IS A FACT.

Ummm No it just that that is a poor quality video. When looking at it I did discern a dark blip in the area where the plane might be. Was the approach of that plane even visible from the poor quality camera?

posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 06:28 PM
I would have to agree, the video is poor and looks very suspicious in itself. look at the right side of the building in the video, it looks like bad editing. you can see some fog that is lingering back and forth not moving in one direction but moving speraticly about. The whole thing about the dates, showing it upside down doesnt mean anything to me.And what would be the point of faking his death.Just wondering what your ideas are on that. show me something he was involved with that would warrant such an event. then i might suspect there was a reason. the radar video is not very convincing, what am i supposed to think about it? I want to see his plane on the radar leaving the area not cut off before then.And this is a simulated radar i would assume. it didnt look like any radar ive ever seen used by the faa. These are my opinions on the matter, so please dont attack them. just give me better evidence regarding why this would happen.
Thank you. Or even a better video.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 02:45 PM

Originally posted by russ1969
I would have to agree, the video is poor and looks very suspicious in itself.
I want to see his plane on the radar leaving the area not cut off before then.

Yes, that U.S. Coast Guard video does look like it was tampered with editing. It looks like the government was trying to hide a clear shot of the explosion and the suspecious faded(edited) object flying over the water. The thing is so faded that it looks like a UFO. And, there are major tides in the water that don't move.
I've tried going back to the website source of the radar footage, but it refuses to connect with that time of the footage. I was hoping to see where the plane could have reentered the radar altitude after the explosion. It looked like that faded object landed on the side of the river anyways.
Doesn't anybody WAKE UP!
The government lies again and again yet people still believe the words that come from those liers over hard evidence and video evidence.
They lie about the MOST important events to this country.
Alien beings and anti-gravity alien technology space ships from Roswell.
9-11 being done by terrorists instead of your own government.
The war in Iraq being done because of WMDs instead of OIL.
Free energy technology from backengineered UFOs to solve all energy related problems in the world.
Fake terrorist news soap operas being feed to the media.
The major raising point of the price of oil being right at the time of 9-11 but since 9-11 was fabricated so is the price of oil.
Oil prices actually being a secret world tax.

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