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Not New, But an Old ATSer Turned Skeptic

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posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 08:41 AM
Two years ago, I discovered ATS. If you've read any of my old posts, I blindly accept everything. I feel ashamed of my past. Around mid-2005, I had been brainwashed by the Roman Catholic Church in preparation for my confirmation; only to realise it after the fact. I had criticised people who accept blindly, and realised then I was hypocrite. I began to become skeptical of everything I believed in; and returned to my scientific background, picking out whichever could withstand scientific and historical scrutiny. Things gone now are god, UFOs, my own abduction experience, anything supernatural, and most government conspiracies. Fast forward through 2005 and late 2006, I went under numerous changes. I came out of it a skeptical existentialist physicalsist atheist with an interests in liberal socialism, physics, hardcore punk rock, ska, old metal, and grunge. I have returned to hopefully get some ATSers on the path to skepticism, and to scientifically judge any conspiracies which come my way.

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posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 08:44 AM
welcome back o' skeptic one

posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 08:47 AM
invader_chris welcome back,
I didnt read any of your posts before but a spirit of being open minded whilst using factual and observable evidense to prove truth is a good place to be.

Life seems like that learning and growing and its a sign that you are evolving to a individual not a robot by seeing manipulation used on you before.

Looking forward to your posts.



posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 12:17 PM
Here are some links, just in case you have trouble remembering the routine.

There are lots of handy tips available in the Handbook of ATS Links.

Here are some Smokin' BBQ Threads (Important Website-Related Topics).

Configuring your MyATS page is the easiest way to put the ATS universe at your fingertips.

Be sure to check out Social Issues on PTS. I'm sure you will find the atmosphere to be friendly, enlightening, and rewarding.

Here's an excellent little, unobtrusive spell checker, in case you need one: IESpell 2.1.1 build 325

A convenient text editor also comes in handy when composing those epic posts: EditPad Lite.

Sooner or later you will find a use for TinyURL!™

Oh, and vote for the Automotive Forum.


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