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Faith does NOT belong in the science of UFOs -- Go join a cult

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posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 04:29 AM
Quite frankly I am sick of people bringing metaphysical claptrap into the topic of aliens and UFOs. If you want to have a faith go join a religion. Faith is not science, faith is ignorance.

Lets consider three categories of analysis:
Good science – changing your conclusions to meet your evidence.
Bad science – changing your evidence to meet your conclusions.
Faith – ignoring the evidence, and counter evidence, to meet baseless, or faulty, conclusions.

I think anyone with half a grain of sand between their ears will agree that the ONLY type of analysis that is welcome in the UFO topic is the foremost, good science.

Bad science and faith are reserved exclusively for cults and religions, such as scientology. These people speculate on things with faulty assumptions, no evidence and completely ignore any and all counter evidence.

If indeed the UFO phenomenon is as real as it seems to be, judging by the Disclosure Project, then having people coming here and trying to tie it in with their improvable spiritual beliefs does nothing more than DISCREDIT the entire phenomenon and those who study it.

Lets examine an example of each method of analysis:

Faith: There must be a purpose to life, therefore god exists.
This observation has no evidence. It ignores the counter evidence (ie. If god exists, then where is he?). And it makes a bold conclusion.

Bad Science: The WTC couldn’t have been a controlled demolition because the official report told us that it was a pancake collapse.
This observation is ignoring the counter evidence to the official story. The laws of physics state that such a collapse could not have occurred without the use of explosives.

Another case of bad science: The moon landings we saw can’t have been faked because it would have been too difficult to fake them.
This observation ignores the fact that several recreation movies were made after the landings. And the movie studio had no problem making those seem real, including the hammer feather-drop.

Good science: There must be something more to the UFO phenomenon than is officially disclosed because of the thousands of hours of footage of UFOs doing things which, as far as we know, are far above the capabilities of our own flying machines. Only one scrap of all this footage needs to be real for this statement to be true.

This is an example of good science because it doesn’t ignore any of the evidence. Here’s what we’ve been told. Here’s the problem with it. Hence the conclusion; that there must be more to it.

Please take your faith based observations and bad science else where, they should not be welcome here.

posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 04:45 AM
^^ Respect man Respect!

Well put! Very good points you make back there!

I guess I should say Thank You for this.

posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 03:42 AM
It does seem like religion and science cannot get along, (dark ages, religions asking people not to go into some researches... cloning, micro partical research, space etc, etc. (maybe, not sure about this)), the more people believe in science the less people believe in religions, they are afraid of losing their power that they have over the masses and to science.

Religion isn't wrong, but they could be corrupted or wrongly interperted by humankind. The original message maybe lost. But many people do not question and follow blindly whatever that was taught to them by their religion.

We must never stop questioning, learning or looking. To be contented with an answer could be ignorance as some answers could be falsified or wrongly concluded, there could always be another better explaination or solution.

Seek the truth from the lies.

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