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conspiracy view of a robbery

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posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 03:40 AM
Years ago I worked in a grocery store. One night a gunman walked in, fired 2 shots into the ceiling (got our attention fer sure!) and shouted "Freeze!" The 3 co-workers and myself obeyed. He walked up to the counter where I and another cashier were standing, pointed at the cash register with the gun and shouted "Open it!" The female co-worker did so, put the money in a bag and placed it on the counter. The robber took the bag, backed away from us while pointing the gun at us, and left the building. He was arrested a block away and the money was returned. Seems several people heard the gunshots and called the cops.
Hang with me, I'm getting to the point.
Upon questioning by the police, 3 of us said the robber fired twice. One co-worker said 3 shots were fired. Two of us said he held the gun in his right hand, the other two said it was in his left hand. Two of us said he fired as soon as he walked in the doorway, the other two said he fired when he got to the counter. Three of us stated he pointed the gun at the register and said "Open it" while the fourth person swore he said "Open the box". Extreme duress can play tricks on the mind.
While we disagreed on the details we all agreed on the following: a)the robber had a handgun. Not a rifle, not a club. A handgun. b)He fired the gun. c)He stole money from the cash register. d) The money was placed in a paper bag. e)He walked backwards out of the store pointing the gun at us.
We could be called the 'official story believers'. What if we'd had a conspiracist working with us? And this is where I part company with 9/11 'truthers'. I think a conspiracist would've gone in either of 2 directions. A moderate conspiracist would agree with everything that happened but would accuse the cops of 'being in on it'. Afterall, how convenient that they were only a block away! And the returned money? Counterfeit, of course. They kept the real money and split it with the 'robber'.
The extremist type of conspirator (and there's a bunch on this forum) would doubt the 'handgun theory'. Perhaps it was an AK-47 or even a water pistol. Anything but a handgun. How to account for the bullet holes in the ceiling? Easy. Preplanned mini-explosives of some type rigged to go off at just the right time. What about the bullets found embedded in the roof? Those weren't bullets, they were molten lead shaped to look like spent bullets. In court, all 4 of us identified the defendant as being the same person that committed the robbery. The extremist would either say 'it doesn't even look like him' or else would say he's a fall guy that simply resembles the robber. The 'robber' is free thanks to the corrupt cops.
That illustrates my (and I'd bet many others) position on conspiracists. Its not I think government would never attempt such a thing as 9/11, its the irrationality of the arguments. I hope all those newbies coming to this forum and elsewhere will use their rationality when looking at the issues involved. Alas, many won't.

posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 03:58 PM
To an extent i agree, however, alot of the conspiracys on this forum are accompanied by some from of video or pictorial evedance.

I see you point BUT these events were captured on video and alot of conspiracys use these as the evedance. It is different because it cant be physicaly CHANGED unless your one of the hardocre element on this site. These videos can be interprited differently depending on your viewpoint, but its not quite the same as you experiance.

Some theorys on this site are just so far out they are almost full circle, but some you have to admit are perfectly possible when everything is taken into account.

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