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Fire at Fort Meade Military Intelligence Group Command

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posted on Oct, 21 2006 @ 12:10 AM
Today a 6 alarm fire ripped through 4554 Llewellyn Avenue at Fort Meade Maryland.

Initial news reports were all stating that the building's contents were highly sensitive in nature.

The building is home of 902D Military Intelligence Group.

When you read what IS disclosed about their operations on their web page, it doesn't take much imagination to wonder what secrets were being kept there.


Protecting OUR Nation:

The 902D Military Intelligence Group is the US Army's largest Counterintelligence Unit, conducting the full range of CI activities, throughout the spectrum of conflict, and at all echelons, from tactical to strategic.

The 902D Military Intelligence Group conducts counterintelligence with a worldwide focus to serve as a force multiplier for US Army Commanders.

We serve as the Army's first line of defense in force protection, technology protection, counterespionage, counterterrorism and Foreign Intelligence Service threat awareness, CI advice and assistance, and operational security support.

Core Competencies:

Foreign CI/CT Investigations

Computer Espionage
Deliberate Security Compromise
CI Operations

CI Surveys
Vulnerability Assessments
CI Special Operations
Foreign CI/CT Collection

Intelligence Information Reporting
Foreign Terrorism
FIS Targeting
Targeting of Installations/Facilities
Force Protection
CI Technical Services

Computer Forensics
Surveillance and Countermeasures
Counter-Surreptitious Entry
CI Education

Technical CI School
Advanced CI Skills Training
SAEDA Briefings
Non-Traditional Threat Briefings
CI Analysis and Production

Regional Threat Information
Foreign Intelligence Services
Foreign Counterterrorism

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