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Iraq. Katrina. North Korea. What Should Bush43 Do Now?

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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 04:53 PM
I think everyone knows America has mucked up the situation in Iraq to where it is far worse than it was before we overthrew Saddam on our own initiative and at the request of no one. No WMDs. No al Qaeda. No 3,000 dead GIs coming home in flag draped coffins we are not permitted to see. With no end in sight. And no plan. Plus untold billions of national treasure squandered.

When and not IF, the US withdraws from Iraq, it will leave the area under the hegemony of Iran. All of this hullabaloo over Iran and nuclear weapons will have proved another empty sham by the Bush43 administration, perhaps the most disastrous since that of England's Neville Chamberlin. No disrespect to Mr Chamberlin as his intentions were both honorable and based on the vivid memory of the horrendous losses Britain suffered in the First World War barely 20 years earlier. Neither of which excuses can Bush43 lay claim to.

I’d be willing to give my support - and vote - to Mr Bush if he would only be honest for once. If he’d go on national tv, admit his mistakes, fire the Oberfuhrer, Herr Rumsfeld and the midget in a man’s job, Condo Rice. The Jesuitical Roberto Gonzales must be sacked. Karl Rove should go, too, as he no doubt has consoled Bush43 - not counseled - and say by by to that imperious imp, Tony Snow. Watching him, I have not thrown up so much as when I was on the sauce full time.

Then, I’d be willing to back the Administration.

[edit on 10/20/2006 by donwhite]

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