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Read how one plane spotter and the world wide web uncovered the CIA Torture flights!

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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 03:52 PM
Wow people - Im going to post a link that has gone right into my favorites and saved to disk.

here is a story about a plane spotter - who from his dedication and persistance, has unearthed the CIA prison flights, and also a secret CIA Delta force base north of area 51 on a disused airbase..... and from there it lead to a deeper and deeper net trawl for information!

Have a read, because it shows the sheer power of the internet...

Base Camp is about ten miles northeast of Warm Springs at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 395 in Nevada's remote Hot Creek Valley. Base Camp is little more than a dusty collection of trailers with an adjacent 7,300-foot airstrip. It's an active, albeit small, installation, and no one outside of government knows for sure what goes on there. The facility was originally built in the late 1960s to house Project Faultless, an exploratory effort to move underground nuclear testing away from the Nevada Test Site. (Las Vegas casinos had begun to complain about the earth-trembling explosions just to their north.) After a particularly disruptive January 1969 test at the Faultless headquarters, the Atomic Energy Commission deemed this part of Nevada unsuitable for further nuclear testing and closed shop at Base Camp. Today the Air Force runs Base Camp, though it remains unclear just what goes on there.

And this is why Base Camp is so interesting to planespotters. Base Camp certainly looks like a secret military base. First, the runway has large "Xs" painted on either end, a mark that usually means an airfield has been decommissioned or is otherwise unsafe for landing. This is suspicious because planes definitely fly in and out of the place. Second, there are persistent rumors that Base Camp is somehow connected to the "non-existent" Area 51 base to the south, which definitely does exist and definitely has nothing to do with aliens?in reality Area 51 has long served as a test site for experimental aircraft. The U-2 and F-117A stealth fighter, among others, were developed there. Unmarked passenger planes spotted flying into Area 51 have also been seen at Base Camp. [exe]

and here is the link to the full story!

Blooming awesome!


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