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My Psychic Icelandic Boss

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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 02:03 PM
O.K…..a little freaked out right now by yesterday's events. Of course, the only logical place to share this is here on ATS. Here’s what happened…..

I get to work Thursday morning and my boss sits down in my office to discuss the day’s cases/appointments (she’s an attorney)
The receptionist is running late and she joins us in my office as soon as she gets in. Our receptionist makes an offhand comment during the conversation that she may need to take a couple days off next week to go see her mother in Chicago. Please keep in mind that is ALL she said and did NOT go into specifics as to exactly why she needed to go see her mother.

While the receptionist is still in my office with us, the phone rings and I answer it. It happens to be the receptionist’s brother. I accordingly put him on hold and tell the receptionist her brother is on the phone. She adjourned to another room to take the call.

Here’s what has been giving me the heebie-jeebies…..

My boss is still in my office when the receptionist walks out of the room to take the call. As soon as she walks out of my door, my boss looks up from the paperwork she was reading and says …..Her Mother Died!


She really didn’t say it directed to me but just out loud as a fact.
About one minute later I heard the receptionist crying in the copy room! Her brother called and said her mother had died of a massive heart attack.

O.K., so the receptionist goes home after we all try our best at consoling her, calling her husband to come pick her up, etc.
So, I bet your all wondering if I asked my boss how the hell she knew that……yes, I asked her.

She kind of chuckled lightly and mumbled that she didn’t know….then continued with what she was doing. I didn’t press the subject any more even though I definitely wanted to.

A little background about her…..her family is from Iceland. She told me that she was going to bring in her family tree one day so that I could look at it. I expected something she generated from a recent computer program.

No, she brought in a SCROLL with gold-capped ends. The thing had the look and texture of something out of a museum! It was old…really old. Definitely not a piece that should have been thrown haphazard into her Louis Vuitton!
Anyway, turns out she’s descended from Viking royalty or something to that effect.

I have always heard that Icelandic people are more “in tune” (for lack of a better word) to the paranormal. I even saw a documentary a couple years ago about Iceland and paranormal activity. I believe it was on the Independent Film Channel or Sundance….very interesting. I would like to see it again if anyone can recall the name of it.

Anyway, just wanted to share.


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