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Grey Alien And Possible Reasons For Their Physical Characteristics

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 11:53 PM
First off I'll say this, I do not claim to know if Grey aliens exist,
or that any alien presence is or ever has visited the Earth

This thread is not to debate if they are real or not, or if we are
being visited or not.

Now I've been thinking about the basics of what we refer to as
Grey aliens, also called Zetans or Reticullians.

Now, using my knowledge of science, and space, I've expanded
on an already existing, though limited theory.

If we suppose that Grey's come from another planet with highly
similar conditions to Earth, that is same atmosphere, chemical
compositions, gravity and temperature range, it's not to hard to
suspect that humanoid life may arise, even though the human
form is not the perfect form, the basic humanoid layout has
many advantages on Earth like planets.

Now, let's assume the Grey's did not naturally evolve to look the
way they are reported to.

The following is the list of features of a Grey alien, and the rea-
son they may have bioformed themselves to have them.

Thin body:
If you live in a ship in space, than you are likely to have less
gravity than normal, thusly muscle does not develop as it would
in a normal 1g environment.
Without needing as much strength, muscle growth would be
limited, due to lack of necessity

Large Black Eyes:
If you have a large ship, with many rooms, it would take a signif-
icant amount of overall energy to keep the ship at standard ligh-
Therefore by changing the inhabitants to needing considerable
less light, power consumption could be cut.
This would account for the largeness of their eyes, and the black-
in essence they take advantage of little light to see normally.

(Three) Long Dexterous Fingers:
This can be easily explained, if, and it's likely do to shape, Grey's
interact with computers the same way we do, that is typing, and
other manipulations made using the hands, than to be more
efficient the fingers would become more dexterous, and longer.
It may be that only having three fingers and a thumb is how they
evolved, or it may be that they like us had four, or possibly more,
In humans, the ring finger is vestigial, it is of no functional use to
us, and shares a common muscle, making it less dexterous, so
taking this out would improve the overall capabilities of the hands.

Thin Small Lips/Mouth:
If you are in a low gravity environment, than the body would not
exert as much energy as it would in a 1g environment, thusly you
would not require to consume as much sustenance as often.
Because of this the mouth would become less large and mobile,
only being required for speech, which does'nt require a great
amount of mouth movement, and occasional eating, which in a
low gravity environment would require less muscle force.

Nasal Slits/Lack of A Large Nose:
Once a species becomes intelligent, and omnivorous, the require-
ment for high olfactory senses becomes drastically lessened, and
even now in our own world, smell is no longer a requirement for
Considering a species living in a star/spaceship would not need
olfactory sensory, and indeed may be a disadvantage do to the
smell caused by certain chemicals and ship processes.
So, the removal high olfactory senses would be an obvious.

Hairless Grey Skin:
Hair is the ultimate vestigial process of sentient species, in nature
it's use to keep the body warm in cold temperatures, however a
species capable of creating environments that are artificially
heated, would have no need for hair.
It may be natural evolution that they are hairless, or it could be
artificially rushed evolution or plain manipulation.
In a ship environment with many systems that can be clogged or
damages by biological material contamination, the absence of hair
would be a plus, as hair tends to fall off.

Lack of Reproductive Organs:
We are accustom to human reproductive organs, and thusly would
look more for such in trying to define their gender.
Because of this we see them as lacking gender, since we do not
see what we would perceive as reproductive organs.
The following is a list of possibilities for this.
-A. They may wear garments that make them appear naked and
-B. They may not reproduce in the same fashion as we do, they
may lay eggs, or have common genetic material nests.
-C. If they are similar to us with male and female, and the equiv-
alent of a penis and a vagina, it may be that both genders repro-
ductive organs are on the inside, indeed it may be that the males
organs are in a kind of internal sheath unless in a state or arousal
or in the process of intercourse.
-D. They may have edited gender out, as sex in a 0g or low gravity
environment may be to difficult to sustain the population, thereby
making them turn to technological sex instead, that is two (or more)
individuals genetic material is taken and mixed together much like
it does in the female body, and the entire pregnancy is carried out
in artificial wombs.

The above is my belief based on what we know, or at least think,
about the Grey aliens, it is based in science.

Please feel free to add other theories as to why they appear the
way they do, however, please keep said theories based in science,
and not in spirituality and/or the paranormal realm.

[edit on 10/19/2006 by iori_komei]

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 06:30 PM
Thirty-eight viewings and no one has a response?

does this not interest anyone at all, I mean there are quite a
few other (scientific) theories on why they look the way they
do, no one wants to even post them?

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 10:56 PM
You make some good points, and it certainly seems that the Greys are well adapted for space travel. You say "The following is the list of features of a Grey alien, and the reason they may have bioformed themselves to have them", but this seems unlikely to me.

Obviously I'm looking at this from a human cultural perspective, but I find it difficult to believe that a species would modify itself so extensively simply to make space travel more convenient. It seems more likely to me that the Greys are a genetically engineered slave race of a higher power - the apparent lack of sexual organs (and I admit this is a big assumption, as you addressed in your original post) would support this theory, as if you control the rate and method of reproductioin of a species there is very little chance for them to revolt against you. I notice that the wiki page also talks of a "large nose Grey", which is taller and appears to have authority over the smaller Greys - perhaps this is the progenitors of the smaller species?

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 11:07 PM

Originally posted by sonicology
Obviously I'm looking at this from a human cultural perspective, but I find it difficult to believe that a species would modify itself so extensively simply to make space travel more convenient.

Well when i thought of this, I was thinking more along the lines of a
species that permanently lives in space, or spends long intervels in
it, like say it takes 5 years to reach Earth from wherever they're from,
it'd be pretty conveniant to be able to live comfortably in that envi-
ronment fro so long.

In the end, unless Greys come down and tell us everything, we can
only hypothesize/Therorize about them.

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