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Logging potential conspiracy evidence.

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 03:29 PM
I was involved in an incident last night on one of the London underground stations, fortunately nothing to worry about but the thought was there at the time. I'll mention the details in a second, but it made me think about a few things on the way home.

Much of the details relating to the 9/11 conspiracy involve what went on prior to the attacks, for example the "powerdowns" that were reported by companies and reports that access to some floors and i believe the basement too was restricted, prompting claims that explosives may have been laid ready for the big one.

After spending so much time on this site i am beginning to appreciate how much investagative work must be involved in order to connect the dots afterwards, usualy by the authorities but in the event of a coverup, the conspiracy theorists. (Probably more work involved for the conspiracy theorist actualy!)

Since becoming educated in the strange ways that the powers that be work sometimes, does anyone here make a note of unusual events as they happen, just incase they are usefull later?

Example, tomorrow you hear that a major landmark in your country is going to be out of bounds for a short while for construction work, lets say a week. Do you ignore it or since 9/11 would you note it down somewhere because as a conspiracy theorist you are that untrusting enough that you feel you may need that info later on down the line?

So back to what got me thinking about this last night.

I spent the day in London with my girlfriend, just a day trip seeing the sites. When i arrived, had to travel across part of London on the tubes to meet my girfriends coach.
This was the first time i've used the underground for a few years. I guess the first thing that entered my mind as i travelled along the tube platforms was the lack of overt security. I did'nt see one uniformed police officer apart from a station worker at the gates to the stations.
I guess i just expected to see the police around a little more since the bombings thats all.

As usual in London though, the amount of cctv cameras did'nt let me down and there was enough to cover anything a policeman would miss.

I spotted a poster at Westminister tube station saying that the whole station would be shut for a couple of days soon.

Westminister tube shut for construction

Construction work apparently and sure enough when i checked it out later, i see theres a lot of reconstruction work going on around the London tubes at the moment. Seems normal enough, but i could'nt help thinking about the "work" done at the WTC before the attacks, and remember the work being done under the whitehouse a while ago when it was rumoured that black ops might set something up during the work? Again, as i was travelling along the same tubes that had been targetted not so long ago, it just got the old grey matter ticking.

So the end of the day comes, i say goodbye to my girlfriend at Victoria coach station, and i walked to Victoria tube station. I went down the escalator and waited with what seemed like a pretty packed platform for the next tube.

Then we hear an announcement over the speaker saying "Could all passengers please leave the station due to a security alert". They kept repeating this until everyone was out.

As you can imagine there were a lot of very concerned looking faces down there, hundreds of people trying to get out of the tube station to the surface. I'm glad to say it was pretty calmly done, but you could see the anxious look on many peoples faces. As we climbed the last set of stairs, we were passed by a few firemen going down into the tube and were greeted by a few fire engines, a couple of ambulances and a fire command truck.

I saw two women on the floor having what now seems like a panic attack, struggling to keep calm and hyperventilating. I asked a policeman what was happening and he said there was a fire down there. At least i knew what it was.

It was strange to see peoples reaction to this news, almost relief as though "Thanks God it's not terror related". Maybe some people had never heard of the Kings Cross fire? Not a terror attack i know, but still something i would'nt want to experience. I could'nt help feeling bad for anyone travelling with me last night that might have been there on 7/7, this must have scared the living daylights out of them.

They sealed the whole underground station off at Victoria for what seemed like about an hour, before letting passengers back down there. I got the bus for the rest of my journey, i did'nt like the idea of going down into a rat tunnel hundreds of feet underground just after they'd put a fire out.

So that was that, sorry it was'nt more dramatic a story, but obviously i'm glad. I'd include a news link if i could but for some strange reason there is'nt any.
I know that they can't report every incident that the fire service are called out to, but you'd have thought that when they clear an entire station due to a security alert, you expect that someone somewhere would think it newsworthy?

So once again, it got the mind ticking again, and as i spend far too much time on this site lol, i started thinking, "How do we know what really happened down there if theres no news on it?" "What if it was part of a plan for future incident, or a public reaction test?"

Lots of questions, probably mostly paranoia after everything that day and the history of the tubes. I could'nt help wondering about the total station closures for construction work though. Would anyone remember if they needed to connect the dots later?

Reading through this post now i realise that to log every occurrance of construction work where a building or area is closed to the public would be ridiculous and impractical. My girlfriend, whilst interested in some of the subjects we talk about here, still calls me "Jerry" at times when i'm rambling on! (Jerry as in Mel Gibson from the film Conspiracy Theroist). To go around recording such events would leave me liable to a swift kick in the nuts lol.

So yeah, my question, does anyone here note certain "unusual" or interesting events down just incase?



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