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A Really Big Conspiracy!!!!

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 02:14 PM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'...... And I says to myself, Self, there must be a conspiracy against people who are left handed..........

Hmmmmmm.........yep, There's a conspiracy all right.........
Oh man, this is some good thinkin'! I bet those zionist illuminati are behind this conspiracy! Yep, even little code words and stuff. Hmmmmm......yeah, it's definately a conspiracy! Look at this - those zionist illuminati make everyone think right is good, and left is bad!
Like when someone isn't wrong they are.......RIGHT!
And when the girl you really wanted to talk to isn't there anymore, she...... LEFT!
Or when you agree with someone, you can say....RIGHT on!
How about this! When someone says somethin' stupid, it came out of .....LEFT field!
Wait! There's more! Oh brain, this is some good thinkin'!
What kind of turn can you make on a red light....a RIGHT turn!

Now I need to do some more thinkin'.........
Hmmmmmm..........They make everything harder for lefties..........

When I was little, everyone had really cool scissors, and they would cut stuff out and all. But I had these stupid scissors with this green rubber stuff around the finger holes, and they didn't cut at all!

When I was in school, they had those desks we would sit in. The top of that desk was cut out so RIGHT handers could use it! I had to turn like a pretzel to use that desk!

And like when you draw or write, your hand drags through and smears everything. How come there's no reverse notebooks and stuff?......

Hold on! Listen to this! Every time I sit to eat, and there's someone on my left eatin', they look at me all annoyed and stuff, because our elbows keep hittin'!

Oh man! Those zionist illuminati think they're so smart!

I'm onto those zionist illuminati. Yep, I'm gonna do some really good thinkin' about how I can get those right handers who think there so cool!

[edit on 19-10-2006 by lombozo]


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