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New Morgellons Breakthru!!!

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 07:48 AM
Hmmmm, this nealry confirms my suspicions that Morgellons is nothing more than an engineered phenomena let loose on the human population for nefarious purposes. Now it appears that scientists are beginning to unlock some of it's secrets. Is is for population control? To force some type of evolutionary process in the human genome? Mass innoculation? I'm not sure. But I am certain that it is man-made and distributed by man. Could Chem-trails have anything to do with any of this?

Agree? Disagree? I am interested in what other members of ATS think about this.

posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 08:05 AM
wow! that is one scary article

it wouldnt suprise me if it was a nanotech experiment of some sort causing morgellons disease. it would make more sense than trying to find any link to fibre optics through that particular silicon fibre.

perhaps they are trying to engineer us into become silicon-based or supporting rather than carbon based beings.

that is most definatly the creepiest article i have read in a very, very long time!

posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 12:37 PM
Strange, i don't see how the presented data adds up, this silicone based disease just screams artificial agent, however.

what is actually producing silicone in vicitms' bodies? sorry i just don't get it. if it's the cells themselves, reprogramming is necessary, does anyone have references to similar cases (cancer aside, of course)?

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 12:17 AM

The use of the biological pesticide Bacillus Thuringiensis for mosquito control[...]now these people are developing syphilis after being exposed to this pesticide.

The bacteria is causing syphillis dna thats been sucked into the person's own genome to activate, and give them syphillus?
That doesn't make sense.
Syphillus is caused by a bacteria called Treponema pallidum. I can see a virus infecting a cell, inserting its dna into the cell's dna, and lying dormant over generations, but a bacteria? And then what, the dna is activated and the human cell becomes a Treponema cell?
Perhaps there was some lateral transfer from the Treponema to the Human, and then a seperate second instance of lateral trasfer, from Human to the Bacillus of Treponema DNA, and that 'transformed' the Bacillus to make it an agent of syphillus?
Its not as crazy as it sounds, there are sequences of dna called 'transposons' that will cut themselves out of one chromosome and move over to another one and splice themselves in. Perhaps this is a Treponema transposon moving from human dna to the Bacillus? Or some other bacteria?
They'd need to isolate some Bacillus from one of these people and use it to infect another animal and see if it develops syphillus.

63 % of the patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) have a hidden lung worm, Cryptostronylus pulmoni cultured from their sputum.

According to whom? Would certainly make sense, if its causing a reduced oxygen intake or otherwise making respiration more difficult.

The viruses are known as bacteriophages, viruses that kill bacteria, or phages for short. [...]This mixture is then sprayed on food. If Listeria is present in the food, the bacteria will ingest the viruses.

All that for slightly cleaner deli meats? Very disturbing, either way. There's just nothing comforting in the statement "Viruses as food additives". If done right it could be a great advance, but who can really trust anyone to be really competent, even if they're not dishonest on top of it?

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 10:42 AM
Very insightful post. Thank you for your contribution. Obviously you are very knowledgeable in the way of life sciences - it is nice to have that expertise in the thread as I am lacking in this area.

What I can surmise is that unintended consequences of viral, bacteriological, chemical, and nano-particulate engineering have caused unforeseen illness, disease and mutuations within our own genetic code or the genetic code of organisms that can impact us directly.

In any event, this is very, very disturbing to me. Why no oversight? Why no governing body? Just another example of capitalism and greed run amok. I mean, why give a damn about consequences when there is an opportunity to make a buck, right?

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 03:04 PM
Thanks a lot for posting that info on Morgellons disease!
Now I'm itching all over!!!!

It makes me think that maybe my crazy survivalist uncle, living like a hermit in a cabin, eating only MRE's might be on to something.

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posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 03:21 PM
The only thing is that this Morgellons has been around since before August 2006. So there has to be something else to this.

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 05:58 PM
Actually after having a chat with my daughter about the disease it seems that the CDC has not interest in it, and the only paper done by a reputable biologist was a woman that her son have the symptoms and she in her research said that the first complains or related issues about the phenomena of this disease was 300 years ago.

Occurs my daughter never has seen the pictures I show her before, but she is going to ask some questions about it where she research at to see if anybody knows any independent reliable research been done about it.

Because the CDC is not.

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 03:51 PM

Originally posted by kozmo

Agree? Disagree? I am interested in what other members of ATS think about this.

Okay, I had a look at the paper...first thing that hit me is that the whole thing is just... wrong.

The "doctor" has apparently never been to medical school or to any kind of graduate school.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1
Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine
Integrative Health International, LLC

Anyone who was a doctor, would be "Hildegarde Staninger, MD" or "Hildegarde Staninger, MD, PhD". They beat that into our heads. Secondly, the company is a "naturopathic" company where you don't need to actually have a degree to claim one.

Looking at the paper/research....

...ghods, what a mess.

Far-Infrared Radiant Heat (FIR RH) has many known names, such as the bridge of Terra Hertz and many others. It is made up of no photons and only 1/2 electron spin that gives it its unique qualities to aid oneself in the remediation of the contamination within one's own body and in one's indoor environment

There's no such thing as a "bridge of Terra Hertz" and "radiant heat" being made up of "no photons and only 1/2 electron spin" is just beyond ridiculous. Heat is transferral of energy by excitation of atoms, as anyone who didn't sleep through high school physics can tell you.

The original paper is just a complete mess. She wanders from topic to topic, tosses in a photo of a boy without legs and other things and suddenly announces conclusively that Evil Nanotechnology is at the heart of everything.


There's no science here, and darn little sense.

(and let's not forget the "almost invisible worms are causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!" Oy.)

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posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 06:40 PM

The problem with this new phenomena called Morgellons is that so far is to many red flags and not enough evidence but the ones been build around on web sites.

Making very difficult for the medical community to take it seriously.

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 08:18 PM
It ought not have the benefit of an established syndrome, first of all.

I now possess near surgical skills with tweezers due to my interest of guitar, thanks to half a decades worth of trying to extract the nanosyringes from their point of entry, typically, the fingertips. One day I actually used my work gloves to unload a crate of sheet steel, and recoiled in shocking pain as one of these darts was lanced straight up the left hand middle finger upon first pressure on the first sheet on the dock. Typically three months were needed of 2-3 hours daily attempts. I quit the job immediately after shaking what seemed like an intact needle from the glove...prior to this day, August 5 1997, I had assumed that I was picking up filings from my working with metal, files, mills, etc. I made a note of the date knowing it would become a special day, a stumbling block for the nanoterror regime today in full control of our lives. I am saddened by the subsequent muddling attempts by the mainstream to convert this cheap trick into a 'can't f$@& file'. A few days later, the princess would be arrested for her chauffer's drunken driving exploits, fortunately, before any innocent persons lost their lives. Later I learned that I had not 'quit' my job, rather that I had been 'fired'. I saw friends fall out, began digging into it further, and witnessed that the local police had literally been bought off in order to accuse me of sick things, and they began to ring me up demanding an 'evaluation'. I knew I was onto something. But what? On top of this, should I happen to be in a public place, say, practicing my drive at a driving range, the person's phone would ring in the next carrol, and inexplicable, the receiver would begin to look around him, and say things like 'you have the wrong guy pal...'. Also, should I happen to spend a few minutes talking to a woman I'd just met, her phone would ring, and she would then rush away from me or roll her windows up as fast as possible, never looking at me again. My teeth are not THAT bad.

So-forget this being 'aliens'. Ask yourselves: who controls and has complete access to your phone calls?

I learned, under 600X magnification, that these tubes are hollow, with an angled cutting edge. Also I pulled 8 inch strands so tiny you could only see them for the blood clinging to them, from the entry points on my fingertips. This all stopped at the end of the month I discovered they were sinister, not poor metal-handling etiquette on my part, in 1997.

However, sometimes the wires cross, and I see through the lens I am not supposed to even be aware of, often times someone else's prescribed nightmare, and then there's the 'oops! He's awake!' jolt, a powerful shock that moves as the chessboard Knight as my surroundings are reeled in, in stunning rack-focus. Electrorheology is used with the grown in flesh polymer lens, and the fibers are merely antennae. I must be special in their eyes to have been so greedily watched. Accused. But I do resist the attempts at control, which sometimes causes groaning from the sleeping life forms I live with. Animals mostly...the people are too thick or frightened to even respond. Too busy trying to dominate the situation with their 'religion', or to shove me onto the street so they can watch Oprah in peace.

It sickens me, but hey: it is NOT going to stop. Bill Gates, the virus King, has stated publicly that another nanoterror weapon, aids, is 'going to be here for a long long time'. That's 'whatever kills ya' dontcha know. But please don't blame aliens, or God, or the right hand of God, or anything in the Universe except man, because that is what it is.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 04:18 PM
U.S. to study bizarre medical condition;_ylt=AtDJ72eOS16LbzFBi2lEZmWs0NUE

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 05:38 PM

Originally posted by davidmann

Electrorheology is used with the grown in flesh polymer lens, and the fibers are merely antennae.

I became interested in you after reading your post. I followed and read some of your old posts and became all the more interested. You have mentioned tonsils being removed in early 60's and also the "itch mites" and chemtrails. All three of these last things interest me. You don't have enough posts for a u2u, is there any other way to contact you?

I found this PDF file and although it is pretty wordy I find it to be the scariest peice yet.

Regarding the above quote about the eye, were you speaking of something like this?

…developing an eye chip that would be placed in the retina and restore some vision to people with

All of the text didn't show up in the external quote.

If you look at the PDF file I am linking please go to page 25 and look at the pics and tell me they don't look just like some of the Morgellens pics. I am freaked out by this.

A thin hermetically sealed electrical feedthrough suitable for implantation within living tissue permits

edit to complete above quote.

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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 11:03 PM
There is a guy in New Mexico named Clifford Carnicom .( Forgive me if this info is elsewhere on the site. He was studying the contents of chemtrails by sending weather balloons up into them. He found various heavy metals as well as morgellons fibers. He in fact contracted this disease himself. A very clever quantum biologist named Dr. Bill Deagle is convinced that morgellons is a product of nano technology. These nanobots don't grow. They assemble. It is all so new that we don't really have the vocabulary together yet to describe it is what I've heard. The word I keep hearing is scalar. An easy way to learn what can be learned is to go to the site of the woman mentioned above and listen to her archived radio programs there. Phd. Hildegard Staninger. Also its important to know that there is a seemingly well funded disinfo campaign surrounding this disease. Everything about it just screams depopulation. Or at least biowarfare against a stable society. A site called morgellonswatch is a disinfo site if you want to see what I mean. I have been talking to a number of these sufferers and its no joke.

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 12:15 PM

To be eligible, one must reside in the Northern California area, be at least 13 years old, have been a health plan member of Kaiser Permanente Northern California during July 2006 through December 2007

It really doesn't make sense to me the criteria that they are handing down for participants. Why would you have had to have been a member of Kaiser during the determined time? After reading the CDC's information on how they plan on doing the studies I am not as hopeful that the study will be unbiased, but any kind of validation will be good for those who suffer with this.

The only thing I can think of that would be worse than the symptoms would be your going to doctors and such and being told you have a delusional disorder. That is just wrong.

edit to add from the same source:

CDC is not able to accept specimens or samples for testing, and we are not aware of any public health labs that are performing tests specifically related to this condition. Persons who believe they may suffer from this condition should contact a healthcare provider for evaluation and medical care

Well okay then. Big help that will be. I don't understand firstly why they plan to take a minimum of a year to do the studies all the while sending patients to doctors who aren't even acknowledging the disease. Why aren't there any labs set up to do this testing?

The article said the CDC recieves dozens of calls each week from people claiming to have these symptoms.

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posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 09:38 PM
Why use Morgellons as a form of population control?
Has anyone died from it yet?
In all honesty, it only seems to make your life a living hell.
So, what's the point?
This, "Nanotechnology" or, "Nano Disease" I guess; what's the logic behind it if it doesn't kill anyone, or even make them sterile?
Why not use a more efficient, dangerous disease, one that known for it's ability to kill?
Why not simply leave cancer to do it's thing?

I believe Morgellons exists.
I believe it may even be nano technology.
But I highly doubt it's being used for population control. There's more to it, if it is nano technology.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 11:40 PM
Personally I don't think we are being exterminated.

I think it is more likely a byproduct of something rather than an attack.

But I certainly have nothing more to offer than an opinion based on available material.

I do find it to be something I want to know more about.

I am interested in any new information.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 11:45 PM
I just love the byrds and mm's who can say morgellons is mythical meth head scratchy stuff.
For humanity sake, I hope your right.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 12:49 PM
OK I didnt finish my science degree (botany) and that was 20 years ago anyway! lol! so this may be taken with a pinch,
but my professor (de fossard) the spelling may be off, at UNE in Armidale was an early plant cloning pioneer (apicalmeristem cloning) before DNA fiddling was commonplace. We did have a few chats about the problems that might cause and he was very happy his "slice and dice" method was safe. (very simply, find the cluster of growing cells in leaf tips, chuck them in a petri dish let them grow, cut again, separate, bingo how many identical plants do you need, he made a fortune I am told!) anyway i followed this morgellans story on chemtrailscentral and Morgellons Research Foundation, where a poster suggested cotton had something to do with it all. hmm... botany I'll chase that trail too...
So I checked for the registered Morgellans sufferers map and compared it to the cotton growing areas of the US and California. There does seem to be a correlation if a little vague, check the pics.
Statistically close enough to warrent a good look I think.

The poster in the chemtrails site said
"I have been looking to agrobacterium and I do think it is a prime contender for at least one component of this mess. To be specific it is Agrobacterium strain C-58. Lab created of course.
I have been doing some sleuthing regarding the patent etc. Follow the interesting clues.

I have been doing some researching regarding the patent etc. Follow the interesting trial of people.
Patent owned by huge CA COTTON grower, JG Boswell. I have been doing some sleuthing regarding the patent etc. Follow the very interesting trail of bread crumbs.

Patent info I have been doing some sleuthing regarding the patent etc.

A bit about the lineage of the company

Meet Grandpa Old $$$$$ and power Look for Grandpa in chart under Scotland illuminati.

I think the agrobacterium strain 58-C is a very good possibility. "

(back to me I couldnt get the quote thing to work)

So in a nutshell the DNA fiddlers have been stuffing about with bacteria that might develop cotton plants resistant to various items and be better moneymaking plants (less pesticides or better crop size per acre), growing a few test plants in the labs greenhouse and test plots and perhaps a "new" beastie has escaped, by design or not.
Perhaps a mutant bacteria or parasite.
So if this correct as a source of infection the cotton workers should be
the first to go down, cotton product users last.
I havent lived in the states for a long while but I would ask someone knowledgeable here to see if the main outbreaks coincide with worker population zones, be they actual farmworkers or primary handling factory types.
I will leave the quoted links to the owners masonic background out for the moment but this is ATS and they do seem to be everywhere a conspiracy happens to appear...hmmm, just saying.
Wasnt one of the last plagues described just as the Morgellans symptoms?
NWO, Bible prophecy or just that ATS mindset I love?

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 02:09 PM
Heh heh he.... I shouldn't say anything and its none of my business at all, but the sad thing is they spread a bit farther than intended. Pets can carry them and are a common vector for introduction. Did your dog or cat have a Vet visit lately? Gerbil, pot bellied pig? Doesn't matter the eggs can travel in mosquitoes saliva.

There is only one cure. A little known quack medical device that has been out of production for decades called a violet ray generator. Kills em deader than feces. Of course if you have a medical device, like an insulin pump, pacemaker etc your kind of screwed, but it ends the problem if you don't. You got to get the kind with the knob so you can crank it up to a purple fat set of sparks jumping to the skin at 1/4". Do the whole body and then use the rake tool in the whole scalp. If your lucky there are a few around for sale on ebay.

I'm not going to BS ya, its gonna hurt bad if its turned up enough to kill them, but it gets rid of them. The end result should be a popped sac and popped feeler threads when done right. Use a microscope to be certain, don't just guess.

Geeze this is gross.

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