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When First Contact happens...

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 11:26 PM
Judging by the way we Humans are so suspicious of others and are generally paranoid off any sort of social expansion, how will it be when we are finally visited by another world?
How long before right wing "Keep Earth for Earthlings.." groups will spring up?
How will the Religions of the world handle this as what if they bought a new type of missionary teaching to the world about "Their" form of God?
Are we, as a race, prepared for "First Contact" and, depending on where the "First Contact" is made, what type of Political spin are we going to be subjected to?

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 12:06 AM
I feel that most of the world now accepts that we are not alone. I do not feel that the world would be able to handle a visit of that nature. I have a feeling that the world is about to go through some hard times (if we don't then that would be fantastic). We could definately use some spiritual counseling and are in need of some expanding of our minds. I can't say who will or can give those to us, we just need it.

There will most certainly be political elements to this (there already are). I feel that we've already had a chance to do things right, but our government wasn't interested in that. And when i say our government, i mean the people that run the world, the ones we don't see too often (if at all). There will be people fighting for and against it, radicals from all religions will arise. Of course there will also be a great awakening in the human mind. The knowledge that we are not alone and what we are truly capable of (if that is even reaveled to us) will really push our minds' boundries.

I think that when the first publicly announced events like this happen, there will initially be panic among many people all across the globe. There will also be those that will not panic, but take positions of "leadership" because their minds have already been prepared for it.

Depending upon where the first public contact is made will definately make a difference. If it happens in the US, china, russia, or most of asia, we will probably know very little about it if anything. Hopefully it will happen somewhere where it can be placed on the internet for all to see, as that is the quickest way to spread it across the world. Also, it probably depends on what "race" of ET decides to show up, and what do they want with us as to how much we will see.

I don't so much think that they will have a form of god, but a higher understanding of what god is. This would be especially true if they've been here for millions of years longer than we have. Once again, it probably depends on the "race" and their intentions with us wether we are taught this or not. If they are up to no good, then they will be sneaky and keep us in the dark. The true beings of light won't interfere in our affairs unless the majority of the world sincerely asks for it.

When it does happen publicly, you will know what their intentions are even if they don't tell you. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens though, won't we?

Keep love in your heart and do not fear


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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 12:25 AM

Originally posted by Slaine01
Judging by the way we Humans are so suspicious of others and are generally paranoid off any sort of social expansion, how will it be when we are finally visited by another world?

Different parts of the world will have different reactions.

North and South America won't have a huge problem with it, there
will be small groups that are, but that's unavoidable.

East Asia (Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan) will welcome them with open
China, well China will probably either be something like the U.S.,
or they'll have launched nukes and bee destropyed by the visitors
in defence.

West Europe won't have a problem with it.

Eurasia will have a few groups against them, but as a whole won't
see them in a very bad light, Russia will be suspicious, and will make
sure to make themselves look powerful.

The Middle-East will have the most the most problems, with small to
medium groups accepting them, but with the radicals calling for their

Africa will stay oblivious to contact for the most part, and won't really
care to much, unless the visitors help them.

Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, small island countries) will be
somewhere between North America and East Asia in there thoughts.

How long before right wing "Keep Earth for Earthlings.." groups will spring up?

Yes, unfortunately some xenophobic groups like that will spring up,
but they'll not get as much support as they may have thought or
hoped for.

How will the Religions of the world handle this as what if they bought a new type of missionary teaching to the world about "Their" form of God?

The majority of the world religions, including Judaism and Christio-
Catholicism won't have a problem with it, Islam may.

If they brought their religion, well they'd be fre to open up the
equivalent of churches and sahre their religion with those whom
are interested.
Though I think they'll either be Atheist, have a religion without a
deity or have a science based religion.

Are we, as a race, prepared for "First Contact" and, depending on where the "First Contact" is made, what type of Political spin are we going to be subjected to?

I think the majority of our race is capable of accepting contact,
and a good porportion of that want it.

If it's made in say Japan, than there wont be much political spin, but if
it's made in America, they'll be a wave of patriotism becasue the aliens
decided to land in America.

That's how I see it.

posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 01:08 AM
I wouldn't be surprised at all if "first contact" was orchestrated such that we all see what they want us to see.

What better way to control us than to create a scenario designed to instill so much fear that we'll go along with whatever they want to do - including weaponizing space with nuclear weapons?

If "first contact" occurred tomorrow - I'd be awfully skeptical about it's authenticity.

But that's just me.


posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 01:38 AM
A lot will depend on how first contact happens.

It may well be covert: extraterrestrials revealing themselves only to a person or persons of their choice. They may select powerful or influential figures (political leaders, scientists, the creators of South Park) or folk of no great significance in human society. It seems logical to us that they should first make themselves known to the movers and shakers of our world, but then, who knows how an alien will think? Maybe their agenda impels them to get in touch with Earthsister, the ATS member who believes she is visited at home by not one, but 218 different species of extraterrestrial.

Many people, not just Earthsister, believe that contact of this kind has happened already, or that is happening on an ongoing basis. Speaking personally, I do not share their belief. In any case, this kind of contact implies no response from humanity as a whole. It is only if the revelation is public, or made public, that a widespread reaction can be expected.

I imagine this reaction would be comprised in large measure of panic, fear and violence. It certainly will be if world leaders, or the extraterrestrials themselves, don't take matters in hand somehow. In any case the offworlders will face an enormous amount of hostility. People whose rigid belief and value systems are shattered by the alien advent -- the fiercely religious, the permanent revolutionaries, the security-obsessed, the psychos, the xenophobes -- will be spitting feathers and up for anything that will allow them to get a bit of their own back. Things may get even nastier if we discover (as we are more or less bound to) that elements of the aliens' science, philosophy, ethical systems, social or sexual behaviour are repugnant or in some way threatening to our cherished preconceptions and 'way of life'.

The worst thing of all (short of a Mars Attacks-type scenario) would be a miles-long alien starship unexpectedly appearing in parking orbit about Planet Earth, clearly visible to all below, just sitting there doing nothing or, worse still, doing just enough to make it unambiguously clear that it was the creation of real, live, intelligent beings from Out There. Can you imagine the reaction that would cause? The scrambled jets, the ABMs? The hysteria on TV, the talking heads foaming at the mouth, the TV preachers yelling themselves hoarse -- Apocalypse, Apocalypse!? Can you visualize the mobs and looting in the inner cities, the paralysis of our leaders, the collapse of authority, the military hotheads champing at the bit and finally, when they can't stand it any more, just having a go on their own?

And that's just the reaction in rich countries, which is likely to be relatively subdued. Imagine how the news will go down among the huddled, repressed masses of the Third World: the mass hysteria, the lemming hordes of suicides, the turning on traditional scapegoats with pogroms and massacres? The anathemas called down upon the visitors by mullahs and bonzes, the blood sacrifices and exorcisms, the breast-beating wails of monks and penitents?

The extraterrestrials may be able to bring about the collapse of humanity just by sitting there.

But if you and I can foresee this, it is beyond doubt that governments, especially in the rich world, have foreseen it too, and have devised contingency plans to deal with such a visitation. How useful are those plans likely to be? Probably no use at all. Still, anyone can see that one way to minimize the impact of first contact is to prepare people for it. One way to do that, I suppose, would be to get people used to the idea of aliens by making them familiar elements of popular culture. Of course, they are elements in popular culture -- since at least the 1950s in America, somewhat later elsewhere. By now, the public has been exposed to a number of contact scenarios in this manner.

Again, lots of people on ATS's UFO/alien forums believe humanity really is being 'prepped' deliberately in this way. It's a hypothesis that becomes less persuasive when you know a bit about the historical development of science fiction and 'aliens' in popular culture, but there's still an outside chance that some governments encourage this thing as a matter of policy -- though judging by the evidently spontaneous popularity of things like Star Wars and The Matrix, it's not as if they really needed to.

The least traumatic of all first contact scenarios is, to my mind, the one proposed in Carl Sagan's novel Contact, and the movie based on it: a message, preferably emanating from a distant (but not-too-distant) star system, which is taken at first for some kind of astronomical phenomenon before finally, after much scientific controversy, being accepted for what it is, namely a calling-card from ET. This leads to a conversation, one that is necessarily prolonged for generation or two while the messages go back and forth across the light-years, giving everybody time to get used to the idea. Finally, after perhaps half a century (or more), a visit: they come to us, or better still, we go to them. Zeta Reticuli, anybody?

posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 04:32 AM
I hope there will be a first contact. What technology will they have ..cures for illness or space travel. Lets just hope they are friendly

posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 05:45 PM
I believe that aliens wont ever show themselves to the government as it would probably result in a nuclear war. I beleive that they show themselves to peaceful and open minded humans that wont attack them or run on first contact. I myself THINK that i may be in contact with both benevolent and malevolant aliens.

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