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Rumsfeld seems to have contridicted himself.

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 09:39 PM

You've got a situation where it's not possible to lose militarily," Rumsfeld said. "It's also going to require more than military power to prevail."

Rumsfeld, in comments to reporters at the Pentagon, said US training of security forces in Iraq had been "rushed" but that placing US trainers within the Iraqi police force would gradually boost Iraq's ability to reduce violence on its own.

Still, he said, Iraq's parliament needs to resolve the issue of federalism and create a unity government to squash the violence that plagues much of Iraq and has frustrated US efforts to begin withdrawing troops.


Rumsfeld is making about as much sense as he usually dose. He says that the US military cant lose the war in Iraq and yet he said they cant win it either. He thinks that the Iraqi government has to put an end to the insurgency .

In effect Rumsfeld is saying that the US military can only fight to a a stale mate while things get worse.
How is the Iraqi government spose to create unity when most people only care about there tribal loyalties ?

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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 10:07 AM
I can see why you are confused, you think that public servants should actually serve the public. You know get the job done quickly and effectively, with as little harm to the American people as possible. Don't worry your not alone, I think the same way.

However if you approach the comments from a different angle you'll see that his statements make some sense. Let's assume Rummy wants; the insurgency to continue, the US presence in Iraq to continue, and in fact an even larger US presence then is there at present. Lets also assume that he wants these things because he can use them to continue to subjugate the domestic population through the fear an the propaganda the 'war' provides. That he wants these things to help his president side step, and indeed walk all over the very document your country was founded upon, the US constitution, citing "war time", "security", and ironically even "freedom" as his motives. That he wants these things because there is tones of money to be made in defense contracts, construction contracts, and (most disgustingly) private interrogation (*ahem* torture) contracts like CACI and Titan got.

Now of course you wouldn't expect Mr. Rumsfeld to admit that he wants these things, and is defiantly not going to say he insuring that they happen. So he says "it's not possible to lose militarily" and "It's also going to require more than military power" taking the blame of the US and placing it into the Iraqi people's laps. Meanwhile the very presence of the US in Iraq, IS a BIG problem (see the National Intelligence Estimate)

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 10:14 AM
> frustrated US efforts to begin withdrawing troops.

For man with such a fine art of words...
thats pretty bold when you think about it.

So there are currently efforts to withdraw our troops? What happened to staying until the job is done? how is it done, if your trying to leave, yet there are daily attacks, deaths and secretarian killings are rife.

God darn it, here' I was thinking we'd finally get this damn prophetic war, rid the world of religion and corporate greed, and move on in human existence... Peacefully.. as HUMAN BEINGS.....

now im going to have to wait , until either someone attacks us, or your own governemnt deems it appropriate to just bomb the farken hell outta this desert, turn it into a energy supplying wasteland... i mean it saves lives eh?.. we did it once 'justifiably' so we can do it again......
'' prompt chenney sincker ''
"And make lots of money"

.. man .. I was all packed n ready too!


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