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Same old tories same old 'ideas'

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 08:14 PM
OK, so now we know.

'Dave' Cameron's great example of "sunshine" and 'new thinking', the tax and spending review, was released tonight by mistake, it should have been tomorrow.

Laughably this supposedly 'forward looking' exercise was put into the 'free-thinking' hands of that arch fan of drastically reduced public spending himself ex-tory leader, the not at all young and very much figure from the past, Michael Howard
and even more hilariously
the man Michael Howard himself had to sack for being so recklessly open about the then secret tory plans to massively slash public investment just before that last 2005 general election, ex-tory deputy party chairman Howard Flight!

Set against a backdrop of public services that are only just recovering from the last (almost 20yr) period of tory under-investment, the "sunshine" new 'forward looking' tory answer?

Same old same old.
Wow, how hard was it to guess that one, hmmmm?

Tax cuts aimed mainly at the already most well off in our society, a large cut in corporation tax which will shift the burden even further away from the wealthiest companies operating in the country and onto the middle and bottom end of society and to cap it all the usual public investment cuts.

The people can't say they weren't warned next time, hmmmm?

The tax system should be radically simplified, offering cuts worth up to £21bn, a Conservative policy group is to recommend.
The Tax Reform Commission, set up to advise the Tories, proposes cuts in personal and business taxes

- Naturally the tories are right now running scared and denying that they will implement all of the recommendations (of their own 'think tank') but it's the same old same old.
They really can't help themselves.

......and the one tax most 'ordinary people' seem to be bothered about so much (ie Council Tax)?
Not even mentioned. At all.

This is the the inevitable typical tory approach.
Tax cuts for the already wealthiest, crumbs for the rest dressed up to look like something and decent public provision down the lav once again.

Quite why British people should have to put up with massive public investment reductions and the resultant and inevitable reduced public services standards when only now (after the sustained, enormous and record investment under this Labour gov) they are reaching the average point when compared to our European neighbours is quite beyond me.

When tory supporters (particularly their youngest supporters) go out on the coming general election trail and end up getting fed up (again) having the old tory record cast up to them by political opponents (as they will) then they should understand that it is this kind of thing that provokes it, this sort of predictable 'retread' is precisely why it happens and it is precisely why casting that disastrous record is perfectly legitimate and fully justified.

They never change their instincts and tactics, they would bring disaster to the majority of the country (but not those most wealthy and most privileged of course) by repeating the same old disastrous policies.

Same old torys same old cuts.......same old general election defeat coming up?

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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 08:42 AM
Hilarious, a voice from the one of the most disastrous periods of the recent tory past pops up telling the tories on what to do -

Lamont urges focus on core voters

Lord Lamont said it would be a mistake to quarrel with the right.
David Cameron must balance attempts to win over new voters with retaining the party's core support, former Tory Chancellor Lord Lamont has said.
Lord Lamont told Parliamentary Monitor it was "very dangerous" for any party to alienate its core supporters.

He said core voters had the option of abstention and abstention "is a rapidly growing party" in Britain.

- Priceless!
One of the key men in losing the British tax-payer well over £10 billion (Mr 'Je ne regrette rien') and who is therefore at the heart of Britain's on-going rejection of the tory party (not forgetting his personal role in the total destruction of the tory economic competence myth) reckons he should be publicly telling other people the best course to take!?

I recall asking an official at the time whether it was true that we had spent most of the reserves.
'Most?' he replied, with the clear implication that we had lost the lot.

In fact the Bank of England, on instructions from on high, sold $28 billion of reserves on Black Wednesday alone, making the loss in August and September nearly $40bn.
We not only lost the lot, we borrowed a further $16bn.

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