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Let's hear everyone's theory on the UFO phenomenon

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 04:33 PM
I'm tired of reading the lame posts that seem to have clogged up the forum the last few months that I'd like to get some serious posts put in.

What does everyone truly believe is happening in regards to the whole UFO/ET phenomenon?

I for one have looked at a lot of evidence, testimony, videos, photos, accounts and come to the conclusion that there is a high probability that a small percentage of the cases are genuinely either:

from another time
from another planet/moon/solar system
from another dimension
from some branch of physics that human beings aren't capable of understanding

I submit anyone to watch the following video and not believe at least "something" is going on-

Has anyone seen a UFO in real life and have no doubt whatsoever that it was from another world?

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 09:28 PM
I'll chime in. As a skeptic, I suspect that the vast, vast majority of events people think are alien-related are probably rather mundane and not alien-related. And no, I'm not going to make the usual argument I hear around here that "with enough reported events, surely SOME percentage of them (however small) must be real aliens". It's a poor argument, as one could use it to argue that at least SOME of the Peter-Pan sightings made by children are really and truly Peter Pan, however small a percentage.

That said, I'd be really surprised if no aliens have ever come by the Earth to take a look. It's been a really long time this planet has been here, after all. The odds seem to be in favor of somebody knowing about us.

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 09:42 PM
When I was 14 I saw two lit up orb shaped objects outside my bedroom window in the night sky above the trees. They actually lit up my room with their glow, that's why I went to look. One was green and one was blue. They zipped around really fast and within a few seconds they dissappeared from my view.

That was the first time I saw something strange like that. I made my Dad go out to see if he saw anything because it scared me. But they were gone.

I really don't know what they were and I don't think anybody else really knows what UFOs are either.

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 09:53 PM
You certainly have to accept the possibility however small the chance.

When I look at the best evidence such as the declassified DIA document concerning the Tehran UFO incident I believe extraterrestrial visitation is the most likely explanation.
Combine the best "ufo cases" with credible 1st hand witness testimonies: Col Charles Halt; Daniel Sheehan; Gordon Cooper among others - Occam's razor has to apply.

If you accept the premise, it logically follows that certain high level compartmented government and civilian organizations are aware of the situation. Whether or not contact has been made with any alien species, I have no idea. I'm skeptical of the conspiracies concerning govt/alien alliances and pacts. Also I do not believe the solar system is teaming with alien life. There maybe visitors but I doubt they're beaming people up on a nightly basis. Abduction or meeting bona fide aliens must be like winning the lottery.

posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 10:50 AM

Thanks for the interesting topic.

Originally posted by bruiseWhat does everyone truly believe is happening in regards to the whole UFO/ET phenomenon?

I think "believe" is the key word as it concerns this subject. In my opinion it is at the very heart of the everlasting discussion on UFOs. In my case after all the documentaries, articles, theories, videos, essays, disclosures I am left with more doubts and questions than answers and it seems clear to me that it would be impossible to present a theory or a conclusion that didn't start with, "I believe..."

Belief is in my opinion a short-cut to an illusion of truth - not knowledge itself. Granted that those who want to believe will probably die happier than those who want to know
(which by itself may be more important than actual knowledge) but for me the most important fact is that we don't know what UFOs are.

The Theories

There are simply so many researchers and investigations under different disciplines approaching all we do not know about the universe and ourselves nowadays that I always find it hard to come to a given conclusion. The four options you have provided are but a few in all the theoretical work that has been done.

For me the videos of Unidentified Flying Objects that come to us simply to not offer the solid conclusion - "Aliens". It is just another hypothesis in a list of probabilities so long at our time that reaching a conclusion is simply impossible with the information that is given to us.

Out of body experiences, new magnetic technologies (not long ago I read an article that presented the work of one of HAARP's early physicists as being responsible for crop-circles), new aircraft technologies, spiritual energies at work (where you have a huge set of sub-directories right there from angels to demons, strange creatures to ghosts, higher entities to an universal conscience), alien exploration, the workings of a climate that is changing, workings of a planet/solar system that is changing and that's even before getting to the optical illusions/hoaxes index. And the list does not stop here. What is common is the fact that every theory is presented through belief. Every time something happens all theories will try to pull said event into fitting their own theory.

The Research

Another huge problem that is in my opinion caused by this belief is the very fact that most research is unclear and speculative. How many times have we seen conferences by ufologists presenting proof that we already know has been uncovered? Example: the famous WTC UFO that just so happens to be a commercial for the Sci-Fi channel - how any ufology sites, conferences and documentaries still propose it as proof? In every area of knowledge where truth is still largely unknown to us (and surprisingly in areas where we always assumed to know it all) research is an open sea of possibilities. In areas with a poor reputation such as ufology - many times so. In my opinion there is no conclusive research or solid proof that might even begin to allow a conclusion - just speculative theory with heavy ammounts of belief and faith in the mix.

Originally posted by bruiseHas anyone seen a UFO in real life and have no doubt whatsoever that it was from another world?

Me? No. I've seen unidentified flying objects that I could not identify yet never saw one I could explain or define. But permit me to ask - Is that lack of doubt even possible? Is our knowledge of our world and ourselves so deep and complete right now that we can justified to say "Without a doubt this is..."?

To finish (and I'm sorry for the length of the post) - maybe in some of those many videos and photos I've seen til now I was lookins at aliens or their crafts. Maybe yesterday getting groceries I passed by the woman of my dreams.
I don't know. There's no way I could.

posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 11:25 AM
...I really did want to post my thoughts on this topic as well but it seems that InTrueFiction has been reading my mind or something quite similar in effect. I will humbly say "What he said" and leave it at that
....good post of the best I've seen in a while..

posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 07:00 PM
Sorry mate, that link was gonna be far too long for me to keep intrest.

My vews go thus - WE ARE ALL BORN FROM STARS!! -

Not as stuped as may sound. Take a gold ring, -gold- an element not created in our earth, but in a star, like a lot of elements.

Take our planet. Didn't make it's self did it?

Me Mother, me Farther didn't just arrive here in a flash of light - belive it - therefore I am ultimatly born of star (material) dust. Arn't I a lucky chap?

Life in other forms does exist!

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