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New BUSH signed document : rejects any proposals to ban space weapons

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 03:43 PM
"The United States will preserve its rights, capabilities, and freedom of action in space... and deny, if necessary, adversaries the use of space capabilities hostile to US national interests"

That doesnt sound good to me.

"The document rejects any proposals to ban space weapons. "

What are the ruskies going to say ?

"The notion that you would do defence from space is different from that of weaponisation of space. We're comfortable with the policy"

so putting weapons in space is ok, as long as they are defeding things in space..

does that really make a difference to the country the satellite is hanging over?

"Dont mind the missles up there jimmy, they are only up there to attack 'other' satelites''

"The Bush administration says there is no shift in its policy"
"US adopts tough new space policy " - TITLE

"The Strategic Defence Initiative, or "Star Wars" programme as it came to be known, was abandoned in 1993"

Im glad bush hasnt changed 'his' proposals.. but it seems he's changed the direction of AMERICAN policies.

What is it about the american president that makes him believe he can do what he wants?
HE is going to start a weaponisation of space...

"A renegade Russian arms expert has splashed cold water over his own country’s concerns about potential U.S. space weapons.

Only a day after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov appeared to threaten a response to any U.S. effort to put weapons in space, Maj. Gen. Vladimir Dvorkin, a senior scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Center for International Security, told journalists that such a reaction was unnecessary because “in the near future as there are no such projects in the world.”

I think this dood has just been found out now..

"If some state harbors plans to deploy weapons in space or starts doing this, we will certainly take measures in response to this," Ivanov said.

I think its time the dooms day clock ticket forward, because the american president is going to ruin this great world we call earth, simply by being a total fool.
Whos to blame?
The leader making the idiotic decisions, or the populace blindly following.

PS Apologies, I understand someone started a post about a HOAX or something, upon a quick look I couldnt find it to link too.

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 04:03 PM
The peices of coming together all i have to say is watch this video that dates from 2001.

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 05:02 PM
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Topic already posted.
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