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Bush signs Military Commission Act - Bloggers Beware

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posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 09:52 AM
People reading this thread and related threads see a lot of this stuff as sensationalistic, or as conspiracy talk. I think people feel very removed from what goes on in their government. This stuff is real, it came out of virtually nowhere, and it is happening at a frightening pace.

The U.S. government and military are proceeding with a very disturbing agenda, and there has at no point been a hesitation, or a dispute where that agenda becomes morally or ethically suspect, or outright criminal. Bush is actually removing the safeguards (one of which is oversight) that were put in place to prevent the abuse or misuse of power. How he is able to do this without resistance not only boggles the mind, but it shows our government is negligent in doing their job at a time when it is critical, or that they are in collusion with this operation.

Why do we have laws in this country if they will only be enforced on its citizens and not those that took a public office and swore an oath to uphold that law? Why is no one outraged about this but the citizens for whom the voices have been taken away - and soon our rights and freedom? Is there no one that can speak up for us - for reason?

I know I was removed for the longest time, in part, because our government - politics in general - has been the butt of the joke for decades. You couldn't see what was going on in our government as anything but worthy of derision. Government bureaucracy has been the bane of our existence. And the ridiculous laws that came out of the federal and local governments seemed so arbitrary and at odds with reason that you couldn't take these people seriously. That coupled with the improper comingling of church and state, the involvement of corporate America, mud-slinging, and the good ol' boy's club syndrome just made citizens more ashamed of our government than anything else.

Well some of those good ol' boys are actually very, very scary. And they are now in power and effecting legislation that has turned a once seemingly impotent, misguided bureaucracy into a threat to the citizens it purports to serve. With the tack that our government and military have taken since Bush was elected, they have placed themselves squarely against their own citizens.

The actions of this administration have dishonored the ideologies on which this country was founded. President Bush has treated our Constitution as a "piece of paper", which is the worst offense one can commit as a public servant sitting in office - in the Office of the President of the United States. Our service members live an die for that piece of paper, you self-serving, ignorant monster! This administration has betrayed the trust of the American people they have sworn to serve, and the rest of the world. And they have done this with self-satisfied, self-created impunity.

Not only has this administration betrayed our trust, but further, they threaten to respond to our outrage with legislation aimed at removing our rights at their whim; offense upon offense. This administration has stopped administering the will of the people, and is now spying on them, imposing restrictions, removing their rights and engaging in a program of neglect, control and intimidation.

I can't say one good thing about this administration, but can only join the millions of people who want Bush out, and who want his terror legislation reversed and recognized for what it is - the product of an administration gone power crazy, paranoid and hostile toward its own citizens. When you exert control and force and control over your own citizens it's called tyranny. This is the dictionary definition of tyranny.

These are sinister laws just waiting to be put into effect. There is no difference from creating oppressive, unConstitutional laws and enforcing them. It just takes a wave of Bush's hand, or the agency acting on his behalf, and we're knee deep in it. We need just one instance of this to frighten the daylights out of people.

We can't wait for that. These laws need to be reversed. They are anti-American, serve the government and not the will of the people, give despotic power to one man and are unConstitutional. If our laws and our Constitution mean nothing to our own government, then we have to ask ourselves how much worse an enemy would conduct themselves given the same position.

We're done. This administration is done. And life in the U.S. is going to change now - in favor of its citizens! The day that our government forces its will onto its own people is the day that that government learns to understand who's in charge.

Godd*mn f**king right!

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posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 01:57 PM
I found another article describing the severe blow recent legislation has dealt to our democracy. What I liked about this article are the reader posts below the article.

It's clear that anyone following what is going on in the U.S. government is nothing short of disturbed about it.

Here is a link to that article. (link)

The site where I found the article above is called Good site. You can follow not only local, but world events in which our government is involved.

Also included on that site is an article describing a new, vigorous U.S. military presence in Paraguay. (link)

The article states, in part:

"The US military is advising the Paraguayan police and military about how to deal with these farmer groups.... They are teaching theory as well as technical skills to Paraguayan police and military. These new forms of combat have been used internally," Orlando Castillo of Serpaj told me over the phone. "The US troops talk with the farmers and get to know their leaders and which groups, organizations, are working there, then establish the plans and actions to control the farmer movement and advise the Paraguayan military and police on how to proceed.... The numbers from our study show what this US presence is doing. US troops form part of a security plan to repress the social movement in Paraguay. A lot of repression has happened in the name of security and against 'terrorism.' "

The article also states:

The Association of Farmers of Alto Paraná (ASAGRAPA), a campesino group near the Triple Border, reported that a local politician offered one of the organization's leaders a sum of money equivalent to a monthly salary, in return for which the ASAGRAPA member was told to announce that other leaders in the organization were building a terrorist group and receiving training from the FARC. BASE-IS reports suggest that this type of bribery and disinformation is part of an effort to guarantee the "national security of the US" and "justify, continue and expand the North American military presence."

(FARC is Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia)


Journalist Hugo Olázar of the Argentine paper Clarín reported last September that US troops were operating from an air base in Mariscal Estigarribia, Paraguay. He visited the base last year and said it had an air-traffic control tower, a military encampment and was capable of handling large aircraft. Though the United States denies it is operating at the base, it used the same rhetoric when first discussing its actions in Manta, Ecuador, which is currently home to an $80 million US military base. The base there was first described in 1999 as an archaic "dirt strip" used only for weather monitoring. Days later, the Pentagon said it would be utilized for security-related missions.

The article also states that the current president of Paraguay, President Nicanor Duarte Frutos, was the first Paraguayan president to be received at the White House. Also that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld flew to Paraguay last August, and that shotly afterward, Dick Cheney met with Paraguay's vice president.

There have also been numerous reports that President Bush has purchased a plot of land in Paraguay of about 100,000 acres. Here is an article reporting this. Another site,, carries an article on it as well. (link)

Here are four more articles on this -
Article 1, Article 2,
Article 3 and Article 4.

These websites offer crucial, real time reporting and the importance of this cannot be overemphasized.

Right now, our government policymaking is influenced by corporations, businessmen, investors and affluent and powerful individuals, including known criminals, who are not officially or legally part of our government or lawmaking processes. The SPP alone is an example of how dangerously close to involvement other heads of government can become involved in U.S. lawmaking, and U.S. military and government planning.

Influencial people not a part of our government are pushing government policy - even directing it. See Bilderberg and Boehmian Grove, among others. Bush may leave office, but he and his cronies can sit back and remain involved in the machinations of government even though they will not be doing so in an official capacity. This is already how business is done now.

Someone asked if there was extradition from Paraguay, or if the president can perpetrate all of these illegal acts and simply flee to a country without extradition. Is this even possible? How on Earth can we look on our government the same if that were allowed?

Anyway, all of that is very strange stuff. Why the sudden interest in Paraguay? What's the draw? Is this a place of retreat when dire times hit? One of the articles above states immense water/natural resources. Time will tell.

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
On a side note, I wonder if there are disinfo agents, or other mischevious fellows reading certain ATS poster's threads, following the links, and alerting those linked parties of this fact...just something to think about

Quite likely, yes. You may want to look at this thread...It elaborates better than I could here.

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
The U.S. government and military are proceeding with a very disturbing agenda, and there has at no point been a hesitation, or a dispute where that agenda becomes morally or ethically suspect, or outright criminal. Bush is actually removing the safeguards (one of which is oversight) that were put in place to prevent the abuse or misuse of power.

Hmmm...How did I phrase it earlier? Oh, yes...Something like, "The real terrorists are in the government!

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
The actions of this administration have dishonored the ideologies on which this country was founded. President Bush has treated our Constitution as a "piece of paper", which is the worst offense one can commit as a public servant sitting in office - in the Office of the President of the United States.

Yes, the government has been, for a long time now (not just the current administration), voicing the attitude that the Constitution is an "outdated document that has no bearing on modern times." What the Public should be asking them is, "If you really feel that way about the Constitution, then why do you take an Oath to preserve, defend & uphold it in the first place?"
What you should be asking your friends is, "Why do you continue to vote for habitual Oath-breakers?" I've just recently sent in the official request for Absentee Ballots...Because the electronic Diebold machines have already been hacked several times & you "can't count on them" (pun intended) to be accurate. At least an Abenstee Ballot leaves a "paper trail" the must be accounted for. I have no qualms about admitting what my vote's going to be: NO CONFIDENCE across the board. The US Government should have no room for career-politicians because the Constitution leaves no room for compromise!

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
I found another article describing the severe blow recent legislation has dealt to our democracy.

BTW, that's another political offense against the Constitution...The USA should never have been a Democracy. It should be a Republic!

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 07:54 PM
I say f**k yeah to Absentee Ballots! Until, or unless they get those Diebold (or any) electronic pieces of cr*p out of circulation, we are at risk of having our representatives and elected officials chosen for SAT-AN! Really though, those machines have
problems and they need to go. Too risky.

No paper receipt? No paper trail? And what do you do during a presidential race when a large enough number of machines become compromised, or the data is destroyed or corrupted? Stupid bast*rds.

We no longer trust our government. Period. And don't you just love the fact that the companies that were hired to test these machines were hired and paid by Deibold (i.e., the machine manufacturer)?

Also, Diebold determined WHICH tests were to be performed, and the results of those tests were to be made available ONLT TO DIEBOLD and not to the public or media. Isn't that about the most f**ked up, twisted government kind of oversight you've ever heard of? I mean, I expect that kind of sleazy, scandalous sh*t from our government, but from a voting machine company. It just offends good taste (ok, I'm laying it on...). Pr*cks.

I can see our government making Absentee Ballots, or any other voting system that isn't a corrupt electronic voting system as impossible to use as possible just to force people into using these electronic abominations. (Sorry about all the cursing...I haven't voted one day in my life. But this stuff really gets my shorts in a pretzel.) Those people really aren't nice.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 10:47 AM
So this wasn't starred nor flagged so lets sweep it under the rug. Who cares that Bush signed a bill that made him immune to war crimes. To be pardoned you have to be guilty right?

Does anyone here even have a clue what Bush has done!!!!! He pardoned himself!!!!Oh guess what was in the Military Commisions Act?

Just guess. Him and his buddies got pardoned so now he can do what he wants when he wants.

Of how high ATS looks at everything how did this slip by your bull-hockey detecting sniffing noses and razor sharp eyes?

And this is why Bush isn't Impeached yet because we can't charge him.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 11:46 AM
I'm outraged! Your outraged! We're all outraged! What are we going to do about it? Take it lying down? Just bend over and say thank you? Hell no!

Trying to stop it, prevent it, reverse it, take it back - how ever you want to define it - in this thread here:

Martial Law? A Real Plan Of Action.

There are some amazing, passionate and thoughtful posts in this thread. Thank you to the OP.

But let's focus our energies in a constructive way. The outraged seem to be divided into two camps: one just wants to bi+ch and whine and the other just wants to hunker-down, bug-out, stockpile, etc.

America was not founded by reactive people. Our Founding Fathers were proactive. We need a plan of action. We need to talk about it now and act on it now. As the original posts implies, we might not always be able to log onto ATS to gather info, source ideas and find like minded people. What will you do then? Everyman for himself? That won't serve our country well and it will only last as long as your food and weopons stash.

Sorry OP if I derailed your thread, its a good one - I gave it a flag. I'll play nice now.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 12:14 PM
The secret government does that already....

bring on these new government workers without a clue...

this town will eat them up alive.

Some news writers seek to endear themselves to the Secret Government, attacking
the good, the brave, and the true, from among the safe ranks of the evil, the cowardly,
and the false, who parrot the Secret Government's favorite lies.

page ALIENS 191

Always mention Tesla and/or Lyne so they ignore you.
Sure fire... if they aren't told... and go back to HQ to find out
what to do... I would like to hear that bawling out.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 01:01 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
The Military Commissions Act was just signed into law by our despot, President Bush, which includes a task force whose duty it will be to infiltrate

"On September 28, the Senate voted 51-48 against an amendment proposed by Senator Arlen Specter to the Military Commissions Act which would have preserved the right of habeas corpus." This ruling on Sept. 28, effectively defeated the last attempt to retain this basic civil right in what Alex Jones reports on his website has just been signed into law.

article states (paraphrasing) that President Bush has just signed the Military Commissions Act, which would make bloggers criminals who post views criticizing the administration's war on terror, who are essentially "aiding the enemy."

[edit on 18-10-2006 by OnTheDeck]

From my understanding, the military commissions act was signed into law some time ago. the new vote was an attempt to allow foreign prisoners in Gauntanamo bay, Habeas Corpus right. I mean I think they should, i don't it's right to detain anybody without legal redress, but the rest of this seems kinda alarmist.

So the government has operatives to take on the opposition in the online environment. Big deal. I'm sure even this place had it's share of "agents" wy before that bill was signed into law.

I love that whenever I click on article on Alex Jones site, I'm always taken to another article on Alex Jones site. talk about controlling the flow of information you get.

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