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Muslim University opening in France

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 07:32 AM
MODS - not sure where this should go ... education, world event, etc ... I thought this was rather significant so I put it as a world event.

In the North part of France a Muslim University is opening. One of it's stated goals is to train Imams to better understand the West. Perhaps it is hoped that with better understanding will come a more peaceful coexisting?? The article doesn't say that. It states that it is for better understanding the west so as to further Muslim rights. But coexisting peacefully would be a nice byproduct. Or is that wishful thinking??

I have read stats that say France is 1/5 Muslim now and that it will be a majority Muslim within a generation or two.

I have mixed feelings about this university. IF the goal is to train future Imams to understand non-muslims and to get along peacefully (and pass that information down to their flocks), then that's great. At the same time I don't know if having a separate university is in any way helpful for integration of muslims into the western society that they live in. I'm not sure. I'll have to think about that.

The Qatari government and the city of Lille are backing the university.

Anyways .. the story is here for you to read.

edited to add name of government backing the university.

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 07:59 AM
I live in the UK and single faith schools are popping up everywhere, although Catholic schools have been in existance in the UK for quite some time.

The government says that these schools should allow a number of students not connected with the religion into their schools.

I can understand why schools of different religions are popping up everywhere. When they try to coexist in a multi-ethnic environment; tension and stress is created amongst the students through peer pressure and bullying.

I believe all religions can coexist, as it boils down to respect for one another. What does concern me though about single religious schools is that they are segregating themselves in one way, although they are willing to coexist in another.

As a Judeau-Christian, I would find it hard to attend a single religion school (single faith schools). as my identity is made up of both Jewish and Christian cultures.

Also, I believe that isolating one religion from another divides us even more and doesn't allow for us to better understand one another.

I have taken the time to read bits of the Quaran on the internet, along with the Torah and the Bible. People should take time to understand one another and learn about one another's cultures. When you walk in somebody else's shoes, you are less likely to offend and are able to form friendships.

France becoming a Muslim country is something hard to swallow. One-fifth of the population being Muslim doesn't mean the conversion of an entire country. I do believe that people in France will have a better understanding of Muslims without converting in the process.

There are several mosques and Muslims in the UK. It doesn't mean Britain, which is smaller than France per capita is going to convert to Muslim. Britain has managed to intergrate and educate the public on other religions within the country.

Even with our Prime Minister and Jack Straw creating an uproar over the veils; it has stirred people to learn why the Muslim women wear them.

Knowledge is the key to understanding and understanding is the key to peace.


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