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Survivalist: Nuclear Fallout Survival

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 09:39 AM
Nuclear survival kit? ROFL!

If a nuke hits in your city, F^&*ING RUN!

There ya go, free survival lesson.

No charge.

posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 10:47 AM

Originally posted by thelibra
I've read where the concussion blast from a nuke or some other tremendous sources of energy can kill anyone inside a sealed environment because there's nowhere for the change in pressure to go. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but if I had a completely sealed self-contained bunker, and a powerful enough concussion blast hit it, I'd be killed as it the concussion force travelled through the pressurized air around me.

Others are probably more qualified to answer, but I'd say you'd need to be fairly close for this to happen, in which case you'll have other problems. Probably best to try to get to where overpressure will not be so great.

I don't have a bunker, but if I was to think about it on the cheap, I'd want a nice long deep trench which could recieve a large corrugated pipe, I mean like 15 feet in diameter (whatever will travel on the back of a flatbed) and a length slightly shorter than the trench. You'd need trench engineer safety to prevent soil collapse while your digging of course and machinery to dig and lift (shovel and crane). Lower the huge pipe into the ground. Then you could seal the ends with arc welder and sufficient steel, add two vertical tubes upward (one for ventilation and one for entry), then once the whole thing is sealed, bury the bottom half so that just your two openings are above ground, conceal them and ensure the door is blast-rated. Then you'd a have a viable underground place with sufficient dirt all around it and pressure would only be able to get in through your shafts. These would need to be sealed.

I have seen one built like this on the web for a reasonable amount.

Next problem though: Thermo-bari weapons. Big blast of pressure and heat. Big huge vaccuum left in the wake that either sucks the air out of your lungs or even your lungs out of your chest. Best way to protect? A sealed environment.

Yes, like a submarine protects against pressure, so can a blast shelter protect, and of course the portions of the shelter which are solidly underground wouldn't be too affected unless the nuke is close. Overpressure will find gaps for air, and the smaller the gap, the faster the air will come of course. Naturally sealing the entrance above ground will require robust steel and suitable doors/seals. I would want some kind of firing position from inside also, but which can also be sealed. I'd want a way to clear people off my location if they were trying to smoke me out of my shelter. Remember that any hungry person outside knows that a shelter probably has food and medicine and so they will certainly try to come inside. Probably you don't want them leaving and bringing friends so best to deal with them right there. I suppose you could make the shelter large enough to recieve some wounded also but this could prove fatal given the nature of human emotions in close quarters.

What's a man to do? Which is the bigger risk? What scale of either would be neccessary? How can one survive carpet-bombing of thermobaries and concussion blasts? I guess you can't prepare against everything, but I'd rather have as many angles as possible considered.

We'll probably do best if we learn from the people we bombed into the stone age forty years ago. Their motto was: Dig, dig dig.

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 11:48 PM
Thanks for the links and info. Very informative!!

I definitely feel a lot of people really wouldn't know what to do...

I didn't know half of this!!

so thanks again!

posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 12:42 PM
What about making a huge bunker (about 100m squared) seperated into rooms that grows its own food and has some way of getting water. Also has radiation suits, medical facilities and an entrance and exit, a sort of nuclear fallout pit stop for survivors.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by SANTARII
a sort of nuclear fallout pit stop for survivors.

Glad to see this thread get revitalized.

There are plans out there very similar, like the Earthcom Condo Shelter, I don't even want to think what the price tag would be on a massive setup like that.

There are lots of plans out there for expedient shelters , and "family shelters", a lot of them you can find at Rad Shelters, I think that link has been posted here before, but its pertiant here. I like the cargo container shelter, it definately sounds feasible on a budget.

With the wierd stuff going on over in Russia, this thread may take off again. But time will tell.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 03:57 PM
In a nuclear event, not being present in the blast or thermal radiation zones is essential. In areas of fallout or thick nuclear radiation, hunkering down for a minimum of 13 days is necessary to allow the half-life cycle to render a radiated area safe.

Use KI and air filtration if available.

Shelter Material Minimums for Protection:

Iron and Steel- .7 inches
Concrete- 2.2 inches
Brick- 2.0 inches
Dirt- 3.3 inches
Ice- 6.8 inches
Wood- 8.8 inches
Snow- 20.3 inches

At the very least, keep a backpack with 3-4 days of rations, cold weather clothing and an extra dry set, personalized first aid, knife, lighters, gun, survival handbook, good water source(purifier or tablets if needed), low profile tent, good sleeping bag, candles, and condoms.

When surviving in the winter, it is essential to stay dry, hydrated, and lucid. If you are being pursued, this task can become quite difficult if not impossible. Always travel by night when escaping. If possible, shelter during the day and rest when it is the warmest and you are the most vulnerable in daylight. In frozen areas, water can be ascertained by containing snow in a vessel and placing in between layers of clothing. Body heat will melt you enough snow to survive. Fire can easily get you spotted. If that isn't a problem, build against a hill, stump, or rock that will reflect heat back.

Best first aid kit for the value on the market: Great

survival hammer tomahawk pick:

4-season tent that doesn't look like a neon sign in the forest:

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posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 04:58 PM
Would a buried vehicle be a workable solution to a shelter?

This could be done by digging a deep enough trench so the roof of the car is below ground-level, together with an inclined ramp to roll the car down into the trench and backfilling, leaving enough space to be able to enter/exit through the driver/passenger side windows. Alternatively, earth and stone could be piled around a vehicle above ground-level until it is covered.

Would be warmer and more durable than a tent or other form of portable shelter, and if the vehicle was still able to run when it was buried, could be unearthed and used to escape further afeild once the initial 'social shock' has subsided

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 10:13 PM
Ive been looking into making a shelter myself
but actually making it could be tricky as im a bit of a perfectionist
and the cost would probably spiral out of control.
as for equipment for the shelter and safety would a respirator mask do
since i use them quite a bit so shelf life isnt really an issue

or for the actuall shelter if built i was thinking of an air compressor?
dont know how viable that is....

the last thing i did was to look on youtube on how to build
a bomb shelter and i found this.
which made me laugh...he cant be serious can he?

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 09:26 AM
So, with my facination with nuclear attacks and the effects there of, the recent threads in the Survival board regarding nuke attacks and This Recent Article in the Washington Times. I've decided to somewhat revive this thread and bring it back near the top of the thread list for easy information gathering purposes.

Though nuclear threats from China, and Russia are quite low right now, with the turmoil in the Middle East, there could very well be a chance of some crazy extremists of one type or another getting a hold of nuclear device(s) and setting it off somewhere in the country.

If you have not looked this info over, please do, there is lots of information (though some from the cold war, so a little outdated), and if you have any additional information please add.

I hope I'm not breaking any T&C by giving this thread a bit of a bump.

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