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Yellowstone Super Volcano Getting Ready To Blow?

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posted on Nov, 9 2003 @ 09:29 PM
Here is another link off Bushcountry. This lady is seriously concerned about a Yellow Stone super volcano eruption. This does not sound good, but I think the lady is a little psycho. (mp3 file)

[Edited on 9-11-2003 by jrod]

posted on Nov, 9 2003 @ 09:44 PM
did u have to make a new thread?

posted on Nov, 9 2003 @ 09:46 PM
I cant find the other post

posted on Nov, 10 2003 @ 01:28 AM
hmm, i swear there like a 17 page post on yellow stone + the research

yes somthing very bad dose seam to be happening there

the gov. said that it was a deposite of hotwater doing all theys things*

posted on Nov, 11 2003 @ 03:02 PM
Check out the research project by following the link in my signature. Alot of great info there and more coming almost weekly. Oh I almost forgot, you must be on the commitee to post to the thread.

If you want to get in on the discusssion look in the Science and Tech forum for a thread you can get in on.

posted on Nov, 11 2003 @ 03:05 PM
I listened to the audio clip. While she doesn't say anything thats incorrect, she's quite dramatic...

posted on Nov, 11 2003 @ 03:48 PM
yes very.

i do have to say what the gov is saying "can" be true..

they just put up some ecempment* there temp,ground movement.

but i think that was 1-3 months ago...

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 11:47 PM
Facts about Super Volcanos

If anyone was still interested


posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 12:09 AM
I have come across the news a month ago that said the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano would devastates the whole world. I thik this is only a alarmism!

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