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Proof Positive of Alien Comms

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posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 05:14 PM

Originally posted by Prote

Originally posted by HankMcCoy
That is EXACTLY why I asked for my ss#! I want clear, undeniable proof of his alien communication.

I asked you about 10 pages ago that if I posted your SS# number would you believe in aliens. You replied that you already did and no, your SS# would not be proof. Now you are saying it would be undeniable. You need to make up your mind.

I -do- believe aliens exist. I was not trying to be misleading to you. I am not trying to prove the existence of aliens in this thread, I am trying to find the truth of AA's claim of COMMUNICATION with aliens.

If he is able to produce the information I requested, it would prove he has a way of information gathering that is outside what we are normally capable of.

Prote, reread your question to me, and my response, and I think it will be cleared up.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 05:15 PM
the dates me posted spawned this idea in my head: they are in the order of the week, mon, tues, wed ect ect, and mr. aa claims we have reached the time of: 2012 mayan calander? perhaps time is speeding up in a sense we have yet to comprehend!

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 05:22 PM

Originally posted by observe50

I would think that you being a moderator you wouldn't sound so rude to members.

Where was I rude? I think I've been very patient, over a week for an answer to a question but he still answers others. See, I wasn't rude to you, I answered right away.

I thought it was nice that someone was willing to help you it must be that male ego thingy.

There's some obfuscation and manipulation going on here, that bothers me.

ps. I sure hope you won't hold a grudge against me.

Why would I, valid questions. I hope I've answered them for you.

Side note: Even though I'm a staff member, I'm also a member. I would have posed the same if I wasn't a mod. You should have seen me in the good ole days before I had to hold my tongue.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 06:18 PM
I do see your point.

I know myself I have written things that sound harsh to others and they weren't meant that way.

I was having a senior moment,

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 06:39 PM
Believe me, if I have any weird experiences as a result of this I'll let you both - and everyone else - know.

Your inquiries are fair. I can see that the word "proof" here has multiple meanings. I'm not trying to say we dont' all agree that "proof" means objective, verifiable proof, but in terms that it seems AA uses it here, he means for each and every one of us separately.

And if this meditation technique goes anywhere I think what we may experience on our own will be proof enough to us individually, AND it will pack a lot more than simply a verifiable confirmation of existence of other beings in this universe.

I just did a 30 min. or so meditation and I asked for assistance. I asked a couple of times. And I'll tell you that the feeling you get after you ask is distinct, seriously. I'm lightheaded, but feeling good...

I think part of this is getting the connection open; sort of getting used to it. I definitely feel like my meditation with this technique has days when it connects better than others. I haven't had what could be called visions or images yet, but I can feel something's calming, and not abrupt like someone appears in front of you; and there aren't images that have popped up in my head thus far, but I know that's partly because I'm focusing on the colors and just relaxing...

But I'll tell you, something is definitely going on in my head. I feel a little lightheaded and there's a pressure there...hard to explain...

But I would encourage anyone doing this to keep at it. Take time when you know you won't be interrupted. Relax and know you are protected. This is actually a very natural process, and it's been done any way you can think of it for centuries...

Also, I would do it while you are more awake and alert. And probably not for more than an hour, depending on how it's going. After 40 min. or so, you start to get tired or distracted, and then the usefulness could go down as you lose focus. Several sessions of 15-40 min. are ideal starting out I think. You will get used to it, and definitely more relaxed...and you'll go deeper...

Whatever this does, it does it on a subtle level. Any natural process takes time, but I almost feel like AA may have done his work here and this does sort of work faster than a typical "focus on a dot of light" meditation...

Time will tell...I'm still lightheaded...

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 07:13 PM

Whatever this does, it does it on a subtle level. Any natural process takes time, but I almost feel like AA may have done his work here and this does sort of work faster than a typical "focus on a dot of light" meditation...

You have never experienced what you are about too using any meditation technique you have ever come across…
I am the simple tool to bring it to humanity, the grays have opened the communication lines and the stream is available to everyone. You are experiencing your reality shift into a higher dimension, while you raise your physical VL level. It cool but can take some getting used to it.
Take it SLOW, have fun experiment with it, ask questions…. Be a kid discovering a new species….
ET is patient and will wait for you bro.
If you need help u2u me and I can help you out.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 01:00 AM
Alian Agenda, i am having some problems actualy concentrating on doing your colour technique, any advice on doing this?

great thread btw

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 09:00 AM
On the deck...

just an update for you...

I woke up today.. totally cured.. no aches... no sniffles... no coughing... i am free of that flu once again. will it be back? who knows... but seriously... yesterday I woke up feeling like dog crap... and by the time of mid afternoon.. it was going away. Now im fine..

So i tried to enter the stream again last night. the first time in weeks since i tried. the first 10 minutes or so , i focused on my breathing. Breathing in for 4 seconds.. breath out for 4 seconds... repeat... slowing my breathing down is something I learned helps a lot when preparing to meditate.

After my breathing was slowed, I started to focus on the colors. Now, I found this really really easy to do the first time I did it. This time however, was very hard to get started, but once I got into the groove of it, the colors turned Vibrant and bright. I could no longer focus the colors into a quandrant of my head. It was just on auto pilot for me. In fact I couldnt even control the changing of the colors after about 4-5 cycles. It sped up fast. It went from Red>Blue>green>yellow staying on each color for about 10-30 seconds. Then it would auto switch. After what felt like only a short time i got an extreme tightness in my ears/temples/front forhead. Lots of preasure was pushing on me. Thats when it happened...

now please try to bare with me on this.. its hard to describe something happening in your minds eye. well not hard to describe, but hard for others to understand unless they are in tune with it themselves... i myself.. know my minds eye.

so i dont know which color it stopped on but as i started to feel the preasure... i just relaxed more and let it continue... the colors started to blend together and then they spiraled. not a spiral in the sense of a fractal. The only way i can describe it. It looked like water spraying from a hose. the colors turned into water spraying from the end of a hose as it twirled around. the water changed colors from blue, to red, to green, to yellow. I let that happen for a minute or so, then I mad the effort to ask for help. I dont know if i was to the point yet, because i never heard the sounds described by others ( i had ear plugs in though.. to help focus). I asked for the blue orb with the white center. nothing. Again and again I asked. Nothing happened. Then from behind the water... i did see something. I made the water spray lower in my view so that I could make out what i was starring at. I can tell you. It was not an alien (at least not what I view as one. Deff not one of the grey aliens that i am affraid of)... the face was very faint. It looked like a tribal leader ( almost like an indian). It was way back in the distance. Surrounded by complete darkness. I could only see the outline of his face. What stood out most was hit mouth (just a slit) and his eyes. Immidiately I looked below the left eye. I couldnt make out any symbols. In fact at that point the whole thing I was visioning was fading away. It al faded to black. The only thing happneing was the pulsing of colors still rolling away in my head. I opened my eyes and my dog was starring at me. I closed them and tried to resume.. but nothing happened....

now to tell you the truth.. i dont know how much of this means anything.. if at all.. it is my belief that you can fabricate things in your mind by predetermined expectations. Meaning, maybe subconsiously i thought thats what would happen, so it did. I can tell you this. I expected that if this was some way to comm with aliens.. i would see the typical alien... and deff not that... although after doing this last night. I am not as affraid to try it again as i was before.

I will report back again after I dive deeper into the rabbits hole.

Anyone know what happened to DARKSKILLS.. he was having some success with this tech. and very interesting things too.....


AGAIN TAKE THIS post with a grain of salt.. but i felt it nessasary to post what happend to me.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 09:03 AM
AA - unless you find it nessasary to post help for me... dont do it. I think you have given me the tools i need. Let me try this myself before offering a suggestion of how to enter the stream easier. I want this to be something that has no pre-determined expectations. I think you will agree there.

Although If i have trouble after another couple times. I will ask for your help at that time.

I would like you to comment on my exp though. thanks


good day to you fellas

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 09:45 AM
I wanted to briefly post some experiences here, as that was AA's hope for people trying this. Also, if there's a chance someone else has shared my experiences, it can be a sort of validation.

First, if I had approached this thread and read what AA was claiming so adamantly, I would think he was a six pack short of a six pack (ok, weak analogy hehe). The possibilty exists that he's making outrageous claims, and is just a misguided individual.

I'm a person with a very open mind, but I can recognize when something just doesn't fit, or isn't working. I have not found that to be the case here, however. At least, although I haven't received what I would consider personal proof, I do feel that I haven't exhausted this technique yet. And further, I have had what I would consider some unusual and anomalous experiences. So, the verdict is still out.

To wit, I wanted to wait to mention this, but last Wed., or Thurs., when I was in the early stages of this I was in a fairly light meditation on the colors and felt a tingling on my forehead. It felt like little, soft electric pricks in a circle pattern on the middle of my forehead. The sensation was very real and distinct. I'm not sure what would cause that, but felt it worth mentioning. It hasn't been repeated since. It was Friday that I started feeling so dizzy and lightheaded that I couldn't walk straight.

I specifically came on to report a very strange dream I had last night. I meditated for about 30-40min. last night and had posted my physical state of mind on this board. It was undeniable. I was lightheaded and felt this pressure in my head at the same time. Very distinct.

So, I wanted to share the dream I had *staring at AA* ahem. Thanks for the weird dreams. Kidding. The dream I had - at least the parts I recall - took place outside in a populated area. I was standing outside and saw a pterodactyl (!) flying over a thicket or a cluster of trees. I was standing in a sort of parking lot and grabbed my cell phone to snap some pictures. It was very strange. I felt like this was unbelievable and I needed to get shots of this.

I was able to snap a couple of shots as the bird swooped nearer, and then I jumped in my car, because it was getting closer. Everything was happening so quickly that I remember fumbling with my camera to get it on video mode.

The thing then landed on my roof. When I looked out of my driver's side window the thing's head was right there, peering in at me. It looked like the thick, scaly head of a dragon at that point. Not menacing, but I remember the thick skin, and small protuberances on its face I took to be horns.

I looked away, and then felt the thing's hand on my face. It had found a way through a small crack of the partly open window. It wasn't striking at me, but touching my face. I remember taking its hand or arm and holding it against my forehead or cheek and the image of a glowing, white cross in my head. I don't know if I was my doing, or if it was impressed upon me.

The dragon-thing turned out to have two arms and two legs as it stood next to my car. I got out and we started talking. We were standing in the parking lot of an apartment complex or similar structure. This thing told me that matter-of-factly, "You're lucky to have a pope [or the pope], but things are going to change." I took that to mean us, the human race. The way he said it, I couldn't tell if he was upset we had a pope, or if he was upset that we didn't appreciate the pope(?).

I don't remember a lot of the conversation after that, but I think I got the impression from him that we wouldn't have the pope for long. That something was going to change that. I'm not sure, thinking about it, if he meant pope to represent religion, or something similar, or if it was the phsical person of the pope.

The dragon-thing then transformed into a woman in front of me. She had short, dark hair, and was wearing a gown. It looked like a nightgown. She went inside her apartment and I followed. I was concerned about what she said (as this thing). I want to know what was going to happen.

I followed her into the apartment and there was another woman there. I didn't say anything - I knew she knew what I was asking for. A moment later a man entered, and I felt he wanted me out. The woman escorted me out and nothing more was said about it.

I don't remember much after this. What I see here is this thing first being a pterodactyl, then a dragon-man, then a woman. And there was some comment about the pope, and things changing soon. No idea what this means if anything. I got the impression that this thing was affected in some way by his revelation, but couldn't get a sense of where he stood exactly. Like, did he respect the pontiff and wanted him to stay in power? It was a little confusing, like the pope would lose power and it was a shame in his mind? Or that the pope was our protector and losing him would mean we're vulnerable...?

Anyway, just posting as AA had suggested. Oh, I meditated again this morning for about 15-20min. before my alarm went off. Toward the end of that session, before the alarm went off (radio alarm), I thought to myself, "How about a little song shout out that I might find significant." Sort of seeing if I could get a message that way. When my alarm came on it was playing, "Lord, I was born a rambling man..." Allman Brothers. So my message was a 70's Rock song by the Allman Brothers. LOL

Anyway, AA, I am going to u2u you to see if I can get some pointers. There you go. Will keep on keeping on with this.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 09:59 AM
Hi all,great site,AA i have followed your post and experimented with your technique,i have felt my brain being moved into the color sections as well when i shift from blue to green and yellow to red very strange indeed,i have had a feeling of being groggy for days,i have tried meditation before a few times but this is weird, the first time i tried i had good results,i had a smile appear from no ware it lasted about 5 mins also my stomach felt weird,that night i dreamed about a tree chasing me.Day 2, feeling a little groggy decided to have another go ,the smile came back for no reason, i felt good until the kids disturbed me it felt like i had a hours sleep all night ,having to pull myself out of meditation so quick is not nice to say the least, i visited a site on Chakra meditation and to my amazement the feelings i had felt were on this site,later on i tried again with better results i managed to capture a feeling and move it up and down my body at will for a few minutes that has changed my life in a way.This happened to me this is not a wind up ,i will carry on exploring this,i think it may take some years to relay understand this,so thanks AA i begin my adventure.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck

This thing told me that matter-of-factly, "You're lucky to have a pope [or the pope], but things are going to change."
I took that to mean us, the human race. The way he said it, I couldn't tell if he was upset we had a pope, or
if he was upset that we didn't appreciate the pope(?).

I don't remember a lot of the conversation after that, but I think I got the impression from him that we wouldn't have
the pope for long. That something was going to change that.

I read a lot predictions a year ago and in one was the talk about that this pope today will not be long pope and with the next one
things on earth are going bad. Atomare war/bombs or something.. or was it ET shows up plays wrong gods and the religon break? I read much too much prediction
to know which told what.

Anyway predictions usually never come true so I wouldn't worry.

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
The dragon-thing then transformed into a woman in front of me. She had short, dark hair, and was wearing a gown. It looked like a nightgown.

I had liked to see that!

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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 02:50 PM
i can not believe this thread is still going strong.

have we any proof yet?

i must say AA, i underestimated your ability a bit. i thought for sure people would stop chasing the dream.

no, i have not tried it yet. well, i tried it once for about ten minutes. then my baby started screaming because he crapped his shorts. after cleaning him up, i lost the mood.

anyway, nothing to contribute here. just poking in to say "holy crap batman, this thread is still going"?

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 04:20 PM
First, g210b, get out of here. Kidding. Actually, I know there has been a lot prophecied, predicted, or forecast about the pope, or the "last" pope and stuff like that. I'm sure there are plenty of predictions and such concerning that office...You have to wonder.

This may offend a lot of people, but to me, the papal office is just a political office. A different guy appointed to office, who acts as a religious emissary for that faith. He is the religious figurehead, but what or who would he be if he were alive at the time of Jesus, or Buddha?

Jesus was known to have entered the temple area of those selling goods and overturned tables and chairs, "It is written," he said to them, "My house will be called a house of prayer,' but you are making it a 'den of robbers." (Matthew 21:12-13). If Jesus entered a church today he would see hypocrisy, malice, greed, intolerance, pedophilia, duplicity, self-aggrandizement and a mountain of other spiritual maladies so high it would put simple avarice and idol worship to shame.

You should read about the financial exploits of the Catholic church, the pedophelia, satan worship, and Illuminati cr*p associated with the Catholic church. I don't want to cast any aspersions against those following the word of God, but those who follow it or not, who betray those sacred vows, need to clean house. If you disagree that's fine. This isn't about criticizing those practicing their faith. It's about recognizing hypocrisy when you see it.

If we lost the pope, I truly wonder how that would affect the world. I'll tell you in the U.S., just like with everything else, it would be business as (...) usual. Not saying I have a feeling either way, but this country is self-focused and materialistic. It would be akin to an Amish family witnessing the oil supplies drying up - like, What's that got to do wid me? I think it's high time for (primarily Western) religion to get a makeover anyway.

Eastern religion and mysticism is a more accurate representation of the world we live in, not to mention it can adapt to any new information. It's very adaptable. We over here work with a model that only runs on, metaphorically speaking, gas. If you all of the sudden present water as a fuel (enter the existence of extraterrestrials/advanced civilizations/multi-dimensional beings), guess what, we have to make a new engine...In the East, they'd be like, no problem, this engine runs on anything...metaphorically speaking...

Christianity/Catholicism and all of its derivations were perpetuated by powerful, political individuals for their own personal gain, and for control of large segments of people. This is undisputed, and it is for this very fact that I'm surprised more people don't have an eversion to Western religions proper. This should not offend people who truly practice their faith with a sincere heart, because our own personal and intimate interaction with our creator does not include, or involve the political structure known as the church; but only insofar as we each consider ourselves part of a well-meaning community, period.

Our true experience of the divine within and around ourselves is experienced on a personal, subjective level, and is carried out in a personal and intimate fashion. Our personal experience of our creator does not lend itself to a political institution - even of well-meaning people, especially when organized religion persecutes, or otherwise harms other individuals in exact opposition to the pure prononcements of our creator(s) of love thy neighbor, and judge not lest ye be judged.

But getting back to the pope, a previous pope, I read, was assasinated, and it's even purported that he was a well-intentioned individual who wanted to "clean house" and whom a malevolent body operating within the Catholic church at that time wanted dead. There's a lot going on behind the scenes. Do you think the pope just sits and prays all day? Or his aides and other church benefactors? There are plenty of people devious, sinister and misguided enough to infiltrate that pious institution and exploit it for all it's worth.

But the popes can come and go. If you want the real thing it's inside each and every one of us - even the misguided ones.

And re: the dream I had - I'll tell you. The dreams I've had in my life. I've had some of the most profound, bizarre and often lucid dreams you can imagine. If my dreams were strung together and shown in theatres you'd walk out of there and slap Timothy Leary in the face for making such a weak drug in comparison....But that one was cool. And I think I'm in for more...

What I mean is, and I'll include JSR in this, I've been meditating with this technique since last Tues. (Nov 7 I think). So far I've had some interesting and anomalous experiences that I've posted about. I haven't, yet, gotten to the final step of the process, which is to ask for the blue ball with the white ball inside it. This is supposed to be offered to the meditator when they ask for this assistance specifically. I've asked for assistance, but only vaguely, and without mentioning this ball.

So, from here on out I'm going to go all the way. I'm trying it tonight, and will continue to until I get some real results. I will, of course, post those...

So yes, holy cr*p, this thread is still going...I'm curious...And I really feel driven to this technique for some reason...

(...) censor circumvention edit

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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 04:38 PM
what did all of that have to do with me?

i didnt even mention the pope.

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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 04:58 PM

Originally posted by JSR
what did all of that have to do with me?

i didnt even mention the pope.
[edit on 16-11-2006 by JSR] doesn't even have anything to do with this thread. Talk about off topic. Whew!

Somebody mentioned a poster, DarkSkills, who had been getting strange visions. I, too, wonder what became of him. Hope he's alright.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 05:23 PM
The only thing this thread has positively proven is that Alien Agenda does NOT deliver on his promises. He didn't deliver on his promise of proof POSITIVE of alien communication, and he didn't deliver on his promise to reveal the new insights he has recieved from the so-called stream. Nothing but an exagerrated claim is all it was. I repeat -- DENY FRAUD!!!

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 05:36 PM
I haven't been able to reach the stream(yet)...i have the patterns down and been trying more then once a day for a while now with really no luck. i try mostly before i go to sleep.The only thing that is different is now i have been having a lot of dreams and all of them are VERY weird unlike ones i have ever had. And i notice other people are having weird dreams.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
First, g210b, get out of here. Kidding. Actually, I know there has been a lot

I seem to collect negative reaction on my posts.
Must be my brainpattern has altered or something.. I am usually quite agreeable.

ok i hope you are really kidding.

About the pope and religion and such, well let me express it like that. The last human that would wake my interest is the pope and his 'job'. I am not in any religon. This is not for what I am here for. I have my own knowledge and I have my own way as 'probedByTheGreys' to my surprise pointed out completly right.

However the pope was the trigger in that prediction I read and the common part with your dream. and so I thought it might be of interest for you.
But ok maybe I should have spared that post.

About AA's methode. Here again I have to say I have my way and my opinion and I have my experience and opinions of aliens/greys/streams and certainly some prejudices too and this may all differ with experiences and opinion of others and that's fine.

I welcome it if you and others continue and try it out serious. Check out how far you get.
When you read my post you see I tried it too, serious, and also with some variation because I can not judge something when I did not try it and I am a curious nature and are willing to do the one or the other risky thing if it promises an interesting experience.

I had no success. I don't want to say I experienced nothing. Meditation always opens new experiences. But it was not what AA claimed here.

So at least for me stream no proof. Some few after trying long enough or already have the high VL might have success somewhen with AA's methode..who knows. I do not exclude this in generel and that's why i gave a warning that not everything you get from aliens is pure truth. But because I am not the only one tried his methode and a real success did not happen the doubt takes overhand.
Also the way how AA behaves is irritating. With access to a wast knowledge of thruth's I simple expected something different.

Independent if alien com will hapen to some or not one thing you should be honest about and that is that the full promising claims made here 'proof' and 'everyone' simple is a misstatement.

Byway I see you are a 'dreamer' too. I enjoy dreaming a lot. So nice to see there are more people like me.

edit: forget: good luck! I wish you success.

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posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 02:54 AM
I can't believe I'm about to post this but here goes.

I have lurked here for many years but never really frequented the Alien forum.
I linked in to here from the John Lear Moon threads and stumbled on this one
quite a few weeks back.

I've only had a couple freaky things ever happen in front of me and compared
to some of the things I read around here, most of you would find boring.

With that being said, know that I have never "meditated" before now and
I've never ever in my 41 years on this earth heard a voice that wasn't
supposed to be there, when all I have done is take a few deep breaths and
close my eyes.

I read this thread with intrigue and even waited for others results before I would
even try it, because frankly it is a bit on the creepy side in my book. But I was
told I could 'get my world rocked' so I have been doing it. Not every day
because I'm not sure what is happening. So I'll tell a few of the things that's
went on and I have a couple questions. I've kept a small journal of these.... things.

Ok. The first time I did it, not much happened. I did get a sensation that my
left ear was getting tickled. So I stopped, pushed pushed my hair back behind
my ear, restarted and it happened again.. I sort of chalked this up to possibly
the angel hairs that grow on one's hairline.

Next time, I started doing it and I heard a very real man's voice say 'somebody
bet...' it freaked me out and I automatically opened my eyes. For a split
second I thought it was possibly my husband in the other room but no. This
freaked me out so bad I didn't do if for awhile. I know me and that wasn't
suppose to happen.

I decided to do it again when HankMcCoy asked for his S.S. number. I thought
if there was something to this just how cool it would be able to bring back
something so I decided to ask for Hank. I did the colors and asked the question
and got absolutely nothing. I was distracted by needing to use the restroom,
so I went, looked at the clock - 35 minutes had passed, sat back down and as
soon as I shut my eyes and envisioned the red, the most bizarre thing
happened.... I experienced a physical vibration in the front of my brain. An
intense Hitachi high vibration where I envision my red and blue colors. I
wasn't scared so I just.... rolled with it. I wanted to reach up and feel my head
but I was afraid it would stop, so I didn't. After what seemed like a few
minutes it started to get alot weaker, but I was able to make it go up and down
in intensity. I finally stopped it. And decided to register the next day to ask
some questions.

The next evening when I got back on I was reading an exchange between
between HankMcCoy and whylistentome. She asked him if some numbers
meant something to him.... he said no, but whylistentome - you nailed a
sequence in mine. I hope she was just fooling around and she just
randomly picked a few numbers. Creep meter went way up I decided not
to register.

For two days after that last one, I was so tired... I can't even explain how
tired so I took a break. One other experince I feel sane enough to explain is
my colors start to turn into a vapor or plasma and they start rotating on their
own.... and they move like a taffy machine.

I've never heard the stream or seen the stream... I do get a high
pitched sound that sounds like a really high frequency. But I've had this
sensation if I just turn my head a certain way with my eyes open.

My biggest question is about a persons vl. I took this not to be something that
I would actually feel. I don't know what I expected but certainly not a physical
manifestation of the term. So what is up with that? The location where it
happened - are others feeling it there too? And to the extreme I described it?

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