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Origin of Life (may not have happened!)

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 12:56 AM
Why do you think pi is infinite? Specifically for this purpose. To prove the big bang wrong in yet another spectrum of logic. Listen to your existence it's telling us all the answers.

Pi is infinite because nothing exists outside of it. Pi... circle... 'universe... circle'... hm? Perhaps we created this hurdle with our limited thinking... no... we DID. The universe/existence is NOT circular, it's a shapeless infinite and eternal.

Infinity and eternity.

Infinite love and eternal peace.

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 02:13 AM
I'm with those theorists who believe that, with the right circumstances given, life is a LAW OF NATURE. It has to happen. Just like a stone that is bound to fall towards the greatest mass nearby, life will be wherever it can.

Why? It's more of a feeling, I can't prove it of course, but it has to do with what we learned about fractals, fractal patterns, self-similarity and so forth. Also, some of the weirder theories would come into play, like information matrices and 11 and a half dimensions.

When we look at our own ecosphere, we find zillions of different, "alien" lifeforms deep under the sea, in the deepest caves, in the ice and near hot volcanoes, they survive high pressures and vacuums, they sail high above with the clouds... they react to chemicals and the texture of their surroundings, mechanical and electromagnetical impulses, they find their ways up or down, in and out, evolve, divide, unite, fight, die, learn, forget... looks systemic, doesn't it? As if it had a purpose, as if it was meant to solve a puzzle, perform a task or quest...

...could it be a program started a long time ago?

We already know that the DNA is the basic module for all life. A mysterious molecule that contains the information wether you become a banana or a mushroom or a human. The colour of your skin, blossoms, eyes or the form of your hat. For each of the cells of your body to work in perfect unison. With the very desire implemented to multiply, to evolve, to mutate. All life on this planet (and all other planets) is striving towards... an end, a meaning. Towards the gravitational center of time.

Is there an underlying pattern? Like, what if the material universe is simply the hardware we're running on, and Planck time is one cycle of the processor? Our genes would be like program routines, natural laws the rules for the cellular automaton our world is? Ever heard of "genetic programming"? What if those "beings" one day become conscious - what will be the questions they ask if they "see" they are made of bits and bytes?

If you think that's crazy check this out: what if the universe is one huge organic cell, and black holes and wormholes are just the pores through which it "breathes" (for lack of a better word)? What if it's a hyper-conscious being, but itself only part of a higher entity? I know we've seen that idea in "Men In Black", but I honestly don't think it's too far-fetched.

Thank you for this thread and... please excuse me when I strayed too far off topic. Have so many ideas on my chest...

EDIT: yea, Ubi, that's one of those ideas... if anyone would like to view the source code of "Gods Game Of Life", check out pi, there it is.

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 12:16 PM
If we accept the plausibility of the life arriving on a meteor then we can get off out high horse of believing we are alone in the universe. Since we know small bodies collide with larger ones on a quite frequent basis it is more than likely that the meteor deposit scenario played out many times over across the stars.

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