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The Prophetic gift of Lavrenty...

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posted on Nov, 9 2003 @ 04:41 PM
Thought I would share a prophecy with you.........

The Elder often liked to converse with his beloved spiritual children about the end times, about how one must be vigilant.
"Today we vote - that's all right; it's still not for a single leader over the whole world.
But if a vote should be taken for one -- this is already [the antichrist] and one mustn't vote." He also said: "The war will be such that no one will remain anywhere, only in the ravines.'

He said there will remain only two or three governments, and they will say: "Let us choose for ourselves one king over the whole world”.

"In the last times they will banish the true Christians; then let the old and feeble at least grab onto a wheel and run after them.

Batiushka often repeated his talks about antichrist: "The time will come when they will petition for one king on earth.
And people will be strictly registered. [The census takers] will come into the house, and the wife will begin to persuade her husband: 'Come, husband, let's sign up. After all, we have children, else we won't be able to buy anything for them.' And the husband will say: 'Dear wife, do as you please, but I am ready to die rather than sign up with Antichrist.' .... Such a moving picture of the future," concluded the elder.

............."The third World War will be not for repentance, but for destruction." A sister asked: Then all will perish?" "No, if believers are washed with blood they will be joined to the ranks of martyrs, but the non-believers will go to hell," replied Batiushka. "And until the number of fallen angels is restored, the Lord will not come to judge.

"But in the last time [i.e., at the very end I the Lord will add to the number of angels from those living who are written in the Book of Life, in order to make up the number of the fallen.

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