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Little theory of mine

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posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 12:13 PM
WOW people!!!! Thats some heavy math!!!

Havent done anything like that since calc way back when

anyways in either case, it seems that the energy required would be HU#INMUNGUS

Heres my take - in 300 years we humans have gone from riding horses and taking wooden ships from coast to coast to having cars in everyones drive way, planes flying millions of people a day, going to the moon (if you believe them) sending probes to Mars ECT ECT....

Now this Universe of ours is in the BILLIONS of years ols - 3 if i remember right. Now if these "aliens" were around for say a few million of those billions of years, think about where they would be at from a tech point of view.

Just think of where we will be in a few thousand years, which is a blink of the eye when you are speaking in terms of time. We will most likely be zooming around space at will (if we are still around - and thats a big if) asking ourselves, "I cant believe way back in the day it took 10 plus hours to go from the us to western europe
and now we are going from star to star in under an hour."

Our physics - from our most basic to most advanced - probably have MAJOR holes. From relativity to string and superstring, we are probably only a small fraction of the way to being able to understanding this universe. This is why there will always be the possability, in my mind at least, that they are out there coming here.

posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 12:38 PM

Originally posted by robertfenix
Space is NOT a void, while space does not have a dense atmosphere it is filled with matter of all types, mostly "dark matter", dust, gases particles etc. In addition you can not rule out the strong gravitional waves emitted from the planets and the sun within our solar system. To maintain your selected path you have to overcome the gravitational pull of these objects which consumes a lot of energy. Our probes that we sent to Mars etc. Use the slingshot method to their advantage when travelling between planets.

Look up Light distortation by gravity and you will discover that the light that we recieve here on earth from other stars etc has been "bent" around large bodies of mass in and out of our solar system. Thus if the gravitational effects of the planets are capable of bending a simple stream of light being emmited from a star thats even a single light year away. What do you think might happen to a mass, that is over that of a single photon, travelling at lightspeed near a planet ? Would its path be "bent" as well due to the effect of gravity. Then would you not find your self shooting off in a direction other then where you intended to head ?

I said that there was almost no resistance in space. You still have to use some of your energy to keep your velocity, but it is nowhere as large as 4 times the energy needed to accelerate. The gas in the interstellar medium is very thin and those gravity waves will only have a very small effect that can be corrected pretty easily.

The path for an object through the gravity of a star is almost exactly the same as the path of the photon. As long as you stay clear of any stars, a few minor course corrections would allow you to keep the desired course. Gravity is a very weak force. You only notice the bending of light in extreme conditions or with very sensitive equipment.

posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 12:48 PM
traveling at the speed of light NOTHING is minor. You really need to crack open an advanced physics book and read about objects at near lightspeed. Just think about how much distance you would travel in a mere second of time and the /conflict/decision/reaction/implementaion time frame to alter your crafts course. We are talking in micro-nana seconds the time you would have to alter your course enough to avoid impacting your lightspeed craft into a celestial object.

Sorry but at high speed (lightspeed) NOTHING is minor or as simple as you precieve it to be.

posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 12:52 PM

Originally posted by BruceAkolD
Interdimentional travel is indeed posible, exept it is not so much interdimential the just dimentional.

The problem is that you have to create two holes, these would have to be black holes but linked, so instead of leading to nothing it leads to an exit point, a "white hole". Everything that enters these holes would be subjected to the gravity of a black hole, which as you can guess causes problems, the key is to use a form of matter known to cause "anti gravity". But still one of the biggest problems is ripping a hole through space to create two linked holes, which (although we know is possible) we have no idea how to do.

A much more realistic method that the "aliens" use a gravity well transportation, the front of the craft draws gravity toward it, and the back dispells it. So you are in essence moving the universe around you. This gets around the "You cant go faster then the speed of light" rule. But the process would require tremendous amounts of energy.

You are talking about a "Einstein-Rosen bridge".

Which was also the premise for Sliders

posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by robertfenix
traveling at the speed of light NOTHING is minor. You really need to crack open an advanced physics book and read about objects at near lightspeed. Just think about how much distance you would travel in a mere second of time and the /conflict/decision/reaction/implementaion time frame to alter your crafts course. We are talking in micro-nana seconds the time you would have to alter your course enough to avoid impacting your lightspeed craft into a celestial object.

Sorry but at high speed (lightspeed) NOTHING is minor or as simple as you precieve it to be.

Yes, you do travel at a very high speed, but you have to cover enormous distances. It's not like if you don't make an adjustment in a nanosecond, you completely miss your target. It still takes (the distance in light years)/7.1 years to travel to the a star at 0.99c. You have a lot of time for corrections. There is a lot of space between the stars. If you want me to, I'll calculate how fast you have to go to have so much time dilation that you cover a distance of a few lightyear in 10^-15 second (micro-nano seconds as you call it).

BTW, there is no need to get offensive. I know my physics and I don't like to be told to open an advanced physics book. Are university physics books not advanced enough for you?

posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 05:24 PM
just think about how much distance you cover in a SECOND traveling at the speed of light.

Look take a piece of paper and draw a top at the top and at the bottom representing your start and stop planet whatever.

Draw a straight line between the two and mark the distance as your distance in light years.

Next draw a whole bunch of circles of various sizes, draw some as elipses. at random on the page.

Net draw wide slighty curved arcs that go from the left side to the right side, draw at least two or three.

Next draw an elipse around each of the circles that you already drew. Make sure the circle is at one end of the elipse that you are going to draw.

Now fold the paper in half with your drawing on the inside so that the back part of the page is now outside. Now fold the outside pages in half so that part of your drawing is now on the outside on both sides. Looking from the side your page should now look like the letter M.

Open the drawing so its face up, but do not flatten it out all the way.

Now poke a hole at the starting point through the paper and hole at your stoping point through the paper.

Now find a skewer or a straight piece of metal rod etc or a piece of string between your starting hole and your stop hole, so that it is under drawing.

This will represent the path if you were to travel directly at your target "line of sight" at the speed of light.

As you can see the folds in the paper represent space being "folded" by a large mass.

Now stand the paper on edge length wise and pull out the string or rod between the holes. Observe the bends in your path.

Now lay your drawing out with a ruler place it over your first straight line that you drew to your target. If the ruler is 1/16th or closer to an edge of an elipse modify your path towards the edge of the elipse and draw a line from your start point to the elipse, carry this line forward or make a course direction back toward your main line, remember that your trajectory will always be pulled towards the center of a circle within the elipse (representing the primary mass within that planet model) now assume that all the rotational orbits spin clockwise, therefore if your path is headed towards the end of the elipse your direction of travel must coincide with the direction of the primary orbit. IF however you enter across the elipse and are in the inner side of the circle draw a line to the apex of the circle and then straight out from the apex.

This is how difficult it would be to travel through space at lightspeed over a term listed in lightyears.

Now if you simply draw a line taken into account the effects of the orbits and just draw to the apex's where your line intersect through an elipse you will probably end up somewhere towards the left or right of your center line. This is the optical line of sight that we see from our telescopes. The reference co-ordinates we have of other stars and other solar systems is based on what we can see and our field map when observing from earth. If you were to leave earth for a point in the sky thinking you could go in a straight line there you would never reach your destination, the added fact of the light we see now took years to get here and you have to do some very complex calculations to determine where it will be when you get there. Throw in a comet or two on the arcs and you have your hand full trying to navigate an "empty space"


posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 09:10 PM

Originally posted by NetStorm

Originally posted by robertfenix
So why come millions of miles to do nothing, to take nothing, to leave no lasting mark that they were here.

Or have they ??????????????????????????????????

They created us..and are just checking in on the experiment.

Exactly, or rather intervened.

posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 10:24 PM
Jesus, I've walked into a fu*king physics lesson!!

Lots of intresting things though...

posted on Jan, 30 2004 @ 01:12 AM
Think about how much distance you have to cover. A lightyear is 9,461*10^15 m. With distances so large you can avoid going near large objects.

Your argument is true when you go very close to a large mass. Ofcourse you want to avoid to this, because of the reasons you said. There's enough space between the stars to make sure gravity only has a very very small influence on your course. I still think you can very easily correct this.

posted on Jan, 30 2004 @ 01:29 AM
I think we are all just a big experiment

[Edited on 30-1-2004 by littlegreenmen]

posted on Jan, 30 2004 @ 02:13 AM
ETs come from many places. Some from Sirius, some from Venus, etc. According to where they came from, they would have different ways of getting here. DON'T FORGET:THERE ARE MANY KINDS OF ET ALIENS HERE.
However, they ARE HERE! I have seen them. I have been on their ships. and in the tunnels. Apparently, some are "BAD". The ones I am in contact with are GOOD, thank goodness. :eek: :eek: :eek:

posted on Jan, 30 2004 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by Teknoman

Does this seem plausible or am I talking crap here?

As long as no one can prove you wrong, it's not crap..
And no one can

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