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American Gangsters

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 11:12 AM
Are Bush, Rumsfeld, Chenney, Wolfowitz, etc. PNAC etc. American gangsters and plotters that want no just to enslave American citizens but all peoples of the world. Do we need or want a new American century, Iraq style, if these people with their plans are hell bent on world domination what does it bode for the future for America and the American people and the world if we dont stop them. Or are there darker forces at play, well hiddens behind the front puppets.

It seems that in America from the goverment to film making to banking there seems to be a strong Jewish element throughout, is this the reason for these policies. Dont the Jews see all none jews as lower than them as stated in the Talmud. Are they the driving force behind the goverment in its foreign policy especially in the Middle East.

Is it just coincidence that the Jews control the money, media and goverments, or does it hold no relevance at all. Why do we have the Anti Defamation league, why is it against the law in some countries to contradict or offer different opinions about the holocaust. How can such a small group of people have control of so much power that they can lock people up for what they think. Do people in America and elsewhere actually know whats really going on or does they rely on Fox news for their imformation to home and world events.

How has it come to this, are the jews the real enemy of all none jews or are they just a group of maligned ill treated people.

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