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USRR- Not the United States Rail Road

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 12:41 AM
I recently stumbled across this news report during a random google. There is >very< little information available about it; public searches seem to point towards misspelled Soviet "USSR" issues or point towards non-existant railroad agencies. A government search turns up results about rubber recycling and Ukranian politics, and in searching ATS I didn't turn up anything about it either.

From the little pertinent information I have gathered, the US Receipt and Response is an present-day offshoot of the old-school OSS (Office of Strategic Services), and is responsible for manufacturing "democratic" rallies in certain areas, most notably third-world countries such as Lebanon, Ukraine, Haiti And Kyrgyzstan to give an administration a legitimate reason for action. Given that the OSS also gave birth to the CIA, it's possible that they're a parent agency of the USRR.

It also appears, from this article, that the "they" could have been used as a GOP tool to influence the Florida ballot recounts in 2000.

Anybody else got anything about the USRR, and what do you think of this? I usually don't like to use media as a source, and I don't want to use this thread as a platform to advocate stolen elections, but in putting two-and-two together it certainly seems like we can put a name to "them" in regards to ultra below-the-radar political manipulation.

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